It’s designed for everybody from outdoor activities and indoor leisure to industrial applications and emergency services River releases you from the shackles of an outlet so you can power a free life the unit is equipped with 11 independent charging ports which can all be used simultaneously for a total output of 500 watts to put this in perspective that means.

A good power to iPhones to iPads to MacBooks a mini-fridge a lantern a drone battery a mobile Wi-Fi unit and stereo speakers all at the same time without limiting the output on any port with the storage capacity of 416 watt hours rever gives you more power than almost.

Any battery of its time you can jam on your electric guitar.

For 20 hours straight or you can watch a 10 hour marathon of your favorite TV show by campfire rivers battery can be recharged in three different ways a standard outlet or a car charger can replenish the battery to full capacity in just eight hours with eco flows portable solar panels River can be recharged with absolutely zero carbon emissions.

In just 12 hours the real-time display allows you to monitor the battery’s current output power remaining capacity and charge time being a documentary filmmaker a lot of my shoots happen outside a lot of times our locations are way out in.

The middle of nowhere first time I use River I.

Was really surprised at how much these little units can accomplish on location everything runs on batteries we have to set up a DI T station a battery charging station and we could even run our LEDs when we need extra lights and never have to worry about the noise and the pollution of a generator applications for battery power are endless River isn’t just.

An accessory it’s your power companion for harnessing clean energy.

Anywhere so you’re free to go everywhere introducing Ronin s designed is the all-in-one workhorse for almost any type of filmmaking including travel event and even feature film productions Ronin s is packed with incredible features that offer the ultimate flexibility for single or multiple operators on any set and with compatibility over a broad range of camera models and a maximum payload of 3.6 kilograms Ronin s provides precision and the ability to produce.

Cinematic camera moves for every filmmaker a front facing naturally placed trigger allows users to control the most essential behaviors of the gimbal the mode button instantly changes the speed and responsiveness for any type.

Of shot for more dynamic scenes a dedicated sport function catches quick movements with precision an eight pin connector offers direct start/stop control while two four pin connectors support the hardware options like an external focus motor and onboard power.

For the camera the detachable battery allows for seamless mounting and versatility a four pin receiver port grants universal connectivity with third-party controllers when.

Shooting complex scenes optional remote controllers enables a second operator to collaborate with a suite of accessories including DJI force pro and master wheels Ronin s meets the needs of filmmakers of all levels additional modules can be added to customize ronin s for more challenging scenarios in addition to these unique features ronin s benefits users with exceptional design and intuitive functions such as direct camera control for start stop recording and an.

Onboard multi-directional joystick the angled roll motor provides an unobstructed camera screen view and allows for a greater range of motion no matter how the gimbal is handled featuring DJ eyes acclaimed stabilization algorithms the professional versatility of the ronin series comes.

In a new lightweight size the ronin s app complements the gimbal giving filmmakers even greater control over their creativity can Veit DSLR camera cage comes with wooden handle not only made the rig love sophisticated but also very comfortable to use the cage.

Kid has lots of mounting options there are a plenty of thread holes throughout the cage kit to attach.

Accessories such as microphone magic arm and so on the cage can support more camera models having.

A 50 millimeters baseplate the cage is height adjustable from 68 millimeters to.

145 millimeters bottom plates are also adjustable with sliding bar to secure your camera to a proper position additionally there are two three holes for more mounting possibilities the entire camera cage is modular which gives you plenty.

Of choices to set up any accessories you want to attach on it the kit can also be mounted on a.

Tripod overall it’s a great versatile handy tool which can escalate your videography into next level this is Muay the first pocket-sized Olli for smartphones making it possible for everyone to capture cinematic footage with the retractable phone holder and the.

Patent-pending rotary legs make it possible to achieve perfect linear and curved movements with one tool what about cameras just snap the swivel clip and mount your DSLR mirrorless or action cameras the secure ball joint allows you to capture.

From any angle the foldable legs make it compact and create a.

Low center of gravity providing the best balance even with the DSLR blow is the most intuitive and simple.

Way to have an automated motion just turn it on and scroll four speed adjustment with flow X Mui becomes completely hands-free you can adjust speed direction and control your camera remotely Mui will go fast enough to follow the action and slow enough to capture perfect time lapses tract will turn your movie into a lightweight and easy to set up slider that can be mounted to any tripod it is made from airplane grade aluminum to ensure the best quality and stability it’s foldable then compact just put it into your backpack and discover.

Shoot steep incline shots onload climbing freely along the track without a cable or belt Jeannie – is a callback three axis motion.

Controller the modular units separate into a linear drive and a pencil Drive click together Jeannie – it’s the ultimate three axis filmmaking so we completely rebuilt the app from the ground.

Up adding advanced features like Live View mode allowing you to view your shots in real time and control your camera wirelessly from the air we’ve also now added.

Each axis separately allowing you to create unique motion control move – has been fully redesigned to be faster stronger and quieter.

Than ever simplifying setup was at the forefront of development with an all-new quick-release system it’s incredibly stable and is packed with cutting-edge technology all without sacrificing portability while making geni to more powerful for video we didn’t forget about time that Santos I will be now with camera control with integrated new features such as bulb ramping.

Time let’s compiler HDR time that’s 360 time let’s and multirow panoramas.

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