Good morning AIAS middle school today is a wonderful Thursday October 25th 2018 these are you morning announcements welcome back middle schoolers today is a day three it is also international artists day so take a moment and think of your favorite international artists and maybe go home in draw a picture for your mom or dad or even your dog.

Somebody today during homeroom select grade 6 students will be taking their photo those students will be informed during homeroom also grade 7 students you will all be taking individual photo retakes today.

That will be during period 2 your teachers will help you get there when you need to be there map game is today teachers are going to be taking on these students out on the soccer pitch at 2:25 p. there’s a modified schedule today but the.

Main thing you need to know is your classes will be 55 minutes instead of 1 hour and 5 minutes long and lunch will be taking.

Place from 11:35 until 12:15 so it’s a little bit longer you’re welcome you can buy food from downstairs like normal but you cannot sit downstairs like normal elementary.

Students will be down there.

During their normal lunch time we can buy from 1135 to 11:50 but then you.

Must exit take your food upstairs and outside to enjoy the rest of your recess and lunch time so no students can sit in the cafeteria and you have an extra-long lunch see you at the map soccer game students that are participating in the.

Map soccer game can be found outside the middle school office on the glass the book fair is coming up in next week we’re very excited for this PTA sponsored event check out this video for.

A few more details ah this book is so cool I wish I had a book I have an idea you could go to the Book Fair from October 28 to November 1st from 8:30 a.

Sounds like a pretty good idea yeah well you’re gonna go buy books right yes you’re gonna read them yes enjoyable yes I really think you need this one thing.

Students for that amazing video can’t wait for the book fair and to buy some books student councils spear week also next week is very exciting and we have a very exciting video about spirit week so speeder tweakers.

We are looking forward to seeing your amazing clothes combinations next week just make sure that they are school appropriate and that they do not violate any of our dress code policies meme day Sunday Jersey day Monday twin day Tuesday Halloween Wednesday vintage a Thursday looking forward to it panther.

Of the week here we go grade eight ibrahim can deal the abraham is thoughtful and deeply thinks about what we talked about and shares his ideas in social studies class discussions great six per hand canary for Hannah’s very.

Polite respectful and doing her best in every class grade six Amina Elba Harry during class while we were taking notes Amina not only took her notes she took notes for her writing partner who is unable to write to ensure that she got all the important information from our lesson it was an awesome example of kindness and care great six Adam egg indeed animals are a sticker and he volunteered to sing.

The solo for counting stars alongside his peers in front.

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