Looks like I love that hey alligators what’s up it’s Ali Hardesty welcome back to my channel or if you’re new here welcome to my channel make sure you hit that red subscribe button down below today’s video is going to be a DIY Halloween costume slash rave outfit where we are going to create a sexy Cookie Monster costume I’m.

So excited I actually wanted to be this in years past but just definitely know how to.

Make the costume but this year.

I took it upon myself to get a bunch of supplies for Michael’s we’re basically just making this up as we go along so it’s gonna be a good time it’s gonna be fun I’m going to escape psycho circus.

This weekend that’s why I wanted an outfit that was for Raving but also to dress up for Halloween and be festive also if you guys want you to try this costume for yourself and you’re going to a Halloween party or festival or something with a group of friends then.

One of your friends could be Elmo or Big Bird etc I.

Don’t normally do DIYs but I thought this might you’re not kind of cute so if you guys like it please give me a big thumbs up and let me know in the comments the first thing that you’re gonna need for this costume is a top and bottom in whatever color in this case for Cookie Monster it’s gonna be blue this is kind of like a costume lingerie thing that was sent to me it’s super.

Soft it’s velvet I don’t know where I got it if I remember I will leave.

That below in the description box and then on the bottom like all my legs I’m going to wearing fishnets that are the thigh high kind and then I got a few different kinds of googly eyes because I wasn’t sure because it is.

A rate I’ll probably end up doing the sparkly blue on some.

I thought I could use for on my head this color felt for the cookies this color felt for the mouth it’s a sparkly block and then just plain black felt as well we’re just basically gonna cut things up.

And see how they look when I glue them on so let’s get started I actually just went ahead and try to on the top to see how it would fit because we need to put the eyes on here.

Somewhere I didn’t want to look weird if I didn’t actually try it on first we’re just going to like I’m already biased in that direction because I love glitter even though this may not be the typical Cookie Monster I’m totally fine with that I feel like before.

We glue anything on we should actually go ahead and cut out the mouth we’re also going to be using the glittery black because I just think it’s heater for a raise I’m not sure how big or.

Small to make the mouth it’s kind of hard to freehand a good thing I bought lots of fill in case we mess up because we probably will as you can see I’m just kind of doing half a circle so that is really uneven we’re gonna try to fix it I feel like that’s probably as good as it’s gonna get it looks pretty much like the first one but a little bit.

Better this is the way I have it laid out I’m going to glue it right now this is just a regular tacky glue I really hope this glue works fast-forward you guys I basically ended up sewing little patches on there and then gluing the googly eyes over them because.

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