Hello and welcome to another edition of productivity mastery my name is Cal Pauline and in this week’s episode it’s all about planning and specifically planning for 2019 yes I know it’s only October but that actually means we have less than three months before we enter 2019 and that means now is the perfect time to start planning what you.

Would like to achieve in 2019 now in this episode.

I’m going to take you through my my annual planning sheet which I use every single year and which has five well six parts to it in total but essentially it has four questions.

And two lists and let’s get started with the first one at the top of the list and you’ll be able to.

See that right there or there there you’ll.

See that right there at the top of this sheet we have ideas now this is the dumping ground where you just dump your ideas that you would like to do.

Now what I should point out at this stage is right at this very beginning while we’re still in October it really doesn’t matter how much stuff you dump in there.

When it gets to the beginning of December I will do another episode related to this one where you’ll be able to start organizing it because the truth is when you do a brain dump about all the things that you want to achieve.

Next year there’s going to be far too many things on the list which is why you need December to sort the list out start filtering it down so that you have several concrete things that you will go ahead and achieve in 2019 but at the beginning where we are in October right now and besides if you’re watching this in November you.

Still have plenty of time anyway go back to the list we have the first thing.

Is ideas that’s the dumping ground you just dump anything that you comes to mind that you would like to have a go at doing next year the.

Next question and it is the first question actually is what would I like to change about myself I’ll repeat that one what would I like to change change about myself now.

This could be anything this could be.

Let’s say yo you smoke cigarettes and you want to quit smoking let’s say you find yourself drinking a little bit too much on a weekend and you would like to cut down.

The amount of alcohol you consume each week but it could also be that you’re living a little bit of a too much sedentary lifestyle and you want to get a bit more active so you would put things like that in there now I tend to find that people who want.

To lose weight and let’s be honest there’s quite a few people who would like to lose weight he’s one of the most common goals for I suppose New Year’s resolutions this.

Is a great place to put that but.

You need to be a little bit specific let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds or 20 pounds or 30 or 40 pounds you need to be quite specific here about exactly how much you want to lose equally if say one of the things that you would like to change about yourself is.

To stop spending money and start saving money then again how much would you like to save in 2019 so that’s where you would dump those kind of things now the next question might seem a bit like.

Wise to that but what would I like to change about my lifestyle now this could be related to like your hobbies if there’s some hobbies that you would like to start doing then this is where you would put things like that.

So maybe you want to start going into yoga or something or maybe you’d like to start a full-out exercise program another one could be maybe you want to enter the realms of minimalism and you want to start reducing all the amount of stuff that you have lying around your room or your house anything.

Like that can go into lifestyle so you’re thinking about the sort of things you want.

One of my favorite ones and something that one of my former clients actually came up.

With was he wanted to change the way he was dressing he said that he felt every time he went into work he felt like he wasn’t making an effort to dress up so one of the things that he wanted to change about his lifestyle was to go out there and buy a few suits on some really good quality business casual clothing and that’s what he actually did and think that was.

2017 so anything related to your lifestyle would go into that question the third question is what would.

I like to change about the way I work now this is obviously related to your professional career maybe you don’t actually like the job you want you’re doing at the moment maybe you’re considering becoming a remote worker and you want to start looking into jobs related to the industry that you’re in that will allow you to be do remote working maybe you just want to change cities and move to another place and work in a different place whatever it is what would I like to change about the.

Way I work that would go under this particular heading the final question which is number four what can I do to challenge myself now this is something that people often forget and challenging yourself could be anything could be related to sport for example I want to run a full-course marathon in 2019 it could be something like I want to get myself promoted to director level anything that.

You related to that you know there’s gonna be take a massive amount of effort to do would go underneath this particular question and.

The final part of this sheet is goals what do you want to achieve next year now this can be specific so for in my case I’m I run my own businesses I’m kind of I.

Suppose people who label me as an entrepreneur or or a business person by own my own businesses I have two businesses and usually in goals I set my income.

Goals my revenue goals for my companies I see next year I have a big change coming up and so my goals are related to one particular part of my business but this is where you would put your goals.

Now as I said at the beginning of this video the key part here is don’t worry about how much stuff you put into this list now whether you want.

To do this as a paper-based exercise you could print out the sheet that you can download at the end of this show you can actually write it all out if you prefer you might want to keep a list to create your own heading in your journal or diary.

And just start adding to them or in my case I always keep this as a note in Evernote because ever notes with me everywhere I go it’s on all my devices so it’s just very very easy to access.

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