Hey guys welcome back to another video so today we’ll be taking a look at a budget 2 in 1 laptop and this here is the new vision in size plate 11 so let’s go ahead and jump right into the unboxing it has a very nice packaging by the way so right away we are greeted with the tablet so.

I’ll just put that to the side for the meantime while we check out what else.

It threw in the box so here we have the accessory box let’s see what we take off.

First so the first item is an adapter and this is a.

USB type-c to full USB type a so that you can connect a USB flash drive a wire mouse or an external keyboard if you want and it’s always nice to see that in the box inside the box you will also find the user manual which you can refer to to learn more about the tablet along with that is the power brick and it uses a pink connection to charge the tablet and it outputs 12 volts to 2.

An item that I almost missed is an adapter and this one here is a USB type-c to HDMI adapter it’s only HDMI out to duplicate your screen onto another screen now moving on to the tablet the tablet comes with a very nice looking keyword.

Folio cover I really like the blue color in the design it’s very appealing the tablet is slim and lightweight and it weighs in at 1.7 in 2 pounds with the keyboard attached so it’s easy.

To take with you to your work or classes the small size won’t take up much space on your desk like a 15 or 13-inch laptop would so the back of the tablet is made from aluminum and the strip that runs on top of the tablet all the way to the side feels like plastic so the tablet connects to the keyboard with for magnetic pins at the.

Bottom of the tablet and it connects quickly like many.

Other two-in-one tablets the stand is the cover NuVision has a different approach which I really like.

It has inches at the middle of the.

Back cover where you can move to create this leg to support the tablet up you can recline it in different angles and it stays rigid in that position except.

When you lay down about half an inch from the.

Table and then it will collapse on the tab its weight you can feel the tension in the hinges when you move it around and it feels good you can interact with the display without having to worried that the tablet will fall over which is great it’s not flimsy at all so the tablet has an 11.6 inch 1080p LCD panel with a 6 into 9 aspect ratio and.

The display gets bright enough for interviews but isn’t that.

Bright for outdoor use unless you’re under some shade the display is great for media consumption you can watch HD videos on the display the colors look good the display doesn’t support active pants in case you’re wondering you won’t be able to use.

Wacom or interest pants but you can still use the capacitive stylus that have a rubber.

Tip at the end which is act like a finger so this tablet has stereo speakers and on the left side is where you will find one of the speaker grills and on this side you will also find the micro SD card slot for expanding the memory.

And you can expand it up to 256 gigabytes now followed by the USB type-c port and then there’s the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and on top of this tablet is the power button and the volume rocker carrying over to the right side of the tablet you’ll find the other speaker grille and on the very top is the charging port and you can also charge this tablet using the USB type-c port which is awesome in.

A few minutes we’ll listen to the sound quality but for now let’s go over to the keyboard so I have been using this new vision split xi for a month now and so far has been performing well so the keyboard.

Just a little bit smaller than the surface pro keyboard.

But the keys still have good spacing between each other and the key travel feels good so I can still type comfortably and as fast as I can on the surface pro when we’ve gone to the trackpad it’s fast and responsive but something that I.

Didn’t like and notice right away is that.

The trackpad swipe with two fingers up to scroll down doesn’t work it stays in swipe up to scroll up option I’m used to having an inverter but on this tablet it just doesn’t switch to that option when I click it it might just be a bug in the Windows software but I’m honestly not sure it’s not a huge deal it’s just some preference so hopefully this gets fixed later on with some software updates.

But I’ll let you guys know in the comment section so now I’m moving on to the performance which.

A majority of you is interested in so I have been using this tablet for a month like I mentioned earlier I have no complaints so far the tablet is running the full Windows 10 version the 64-bit version so it has.

A dual core processor clocked at one point one gigahertz and it has fur gigabytes of RAM which is adequate for like tasks and running some application side by side and downside is that the tablet only comes with 32 gigabytes of internal storage which i think is not enough storage on a tablet especially when you want to download.

Windows updates like for example if you want to download the new windows October update they build 1809 aka redstone 5 you won’t be able to because you won’t have enough storage on this tablet but the good thing is that it has a micro.

SD card slot where you can side load the.

Windows update on if you know how to do that and it’s actually pretty simple to do you can actually find some videos on YouTube on how to do that so it would have been nice to see it come with 64 gigabytes of storage.

Instead of 32 but I’m guessing the accustomed cost there so switching between applications is fast and it can run multiple Microsoft products at the same time without becoming sluggish so I typed.

Up a couple of lab reports on here and use PowerPoint and Excel side-by-side while having YouTube in the background playing music and the laptop was running fine nothing too.

Heavy but it handles it well so it’s good for students I need to write up SAS and create tables and graphs in Excel and then presenting their experiment to the class.

In PowerPoint presentations throughout my usage I noticed that the standby on my unit is amazing.

I can put it to sleep at 87% and in the next day it goes down by about 2% now many windows tablets can do that at least not the ones that I’ve used so that is good you can expect up to 8 hours of battery life.

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