Welcome to the argan oil showcase I’ve got to be honest here this is one of the most exciting shows that I’ve done to present it essentially it’s actually only a very short segment considering how much I could actually tell you about this and the reason that I couldn’t personally talk so I mean I could talk so passionately about.

All the products that we have here and you know holistic health and natural oils and and and you know all about the cold pressed methods and so on you know it it’s all something that I’ve.

Loved for a long time but specifically when it comes to this product this is an ingredient of which.

I’ve used for many many many years it’s it’s known to be fantastic for skin and for hair which is absolutely what our a very powerful 20 ml bottle can do for you it can work both skin and hair but it’s something that I’ve personally used to tame the phrase of my Mane to tame playing the phrase of my Mane and it is described as you know one of the most popular of oils out there in fact director Danny who was.

On the other day he was behind the scenes working in in the gallery Danny was saying to me odd you know what I actually went out to Morocco and one of the first things I thought when I went out there was I need to get my hat my hands on that oil by the.

Way just just a reference are gonna Moroccan oil same thing the reason that you’ll you’ll hear these two names so basically argan comes from the our genious spinosa tree which is native and only comes from Morocco so we’re talking about something that is you know really quite exclusive really quite special and when director Danny went over there over to Morocco obviously wasn’t the reason that she flew all the way there she was.

Going there for different reasons but she thought whilst I’m over I’m gonna take the opportunity and try and get my hands on some of this beautiful Moroccan argan oil you know hoping that it’d be that of a more affordable price because it’s closer to well said closer at the source.

It’s you know it’s at the source where its native from and you know what when Danny said this I thought you know what you’re so right because it is actually I mean that in itself show just how popular and how well known this is known how popular well-known this is as an oil and also the fact of the matter is you can especially if it’s as ours is 100% argan oil you can.

Pay a pretty penny for it this has been described as liquid gold it’s been described as you know one of the most sought-after of the oils and it is that you know if you actually.

See the oil it of itself it is.

It is so beautifully the so appealing but it’s it’s so subtle in its actual look and the benefits of which.

Amazing oil I cannot speak highly enough and I’m just so pleased I’m just so pleased that we are able to offer it here to you primal cure now argan oil as I said from the are genious for Nosa tree there is a particular picture which shortly they’re always.

Just just gets me makes me chuckle makes me chuckle this picture just very quickly we’ve had.

A few people go that’s not real that’s no way that’s not real now smart mummy Billy Billy Goats up in the organiz for.

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