Hello and welcome back for episode 32 of the newbie dentist podcast I’m your host dr. M it is a me it is great to be back in releasing another episode of the podcast it has been a busy month of planning and running the first newbie dentist study club event a big shout-out to dr.

Agrawal for putting on a fantastic lecture for the sold-out event we have received some great feedback from those who attended the newbie dentist Study Club lecture and we are excited for future events in 2019 quarterly study club meetings and lectures will be held as well as the hands-on Composite course.

In a photography event and I think you guys will really enjoy it it has been really exciting to see the evolution of the newbie dentist from an Instagram account with blurry intro photos to a podcast and now to the study club the podcast now has almost 15,000 downloads from 77 countries around the world and honestly I’m just.

Overwhelmed by the support and positive encouragement have received from all the listeners in today’s episode I sat down with.

Of Halifax in United Kingdom a young dentist working in private practice with a keen interest in aesthetic dentistry I was first attracted.

Due to his infectious positive energy and positive messages around health and well-being in this podcast episode we dive into various topics.

Including health and fitness morning routines self-improvement and setting goals and we finished off.

With a few pearls about patient communication in case presentation which really excels that I hope you guys enjoy this.

Episode and as always if you have any feedback about the show please reach out to me on instagram at.

Newbie dentist the podcast is available on iTunes Spotify stitcher and all other podcast platforms including the website newbie dentist calm hello and welcome to the new be.

Dentists podcast the safe place for newbie dentists to connect collaborate learn and grow the newbie dentists podcast aims to provide high quality and high value out there you’re dr. O’Meara zombie yeah so Instagram is getting bigger obviously America’s.

Huge yeah you see there you compare like the UK game to like I was like thanks love that’s like everything everybody’s talk like Apple goals there’s like a catchphrase like within a group private jets over to Dubai like.

Once a month like stick things in veneers veneers and that’s all he does that’s all good but maybe wait to.

It’s pretty cool with Apple like specifically like what I love about him is I respect the fact that he IQ went from like straight from down school it’s like rosenthal roses all the time was like one of the topics that I can say Dennis liking it in New York or even in the states and I just like walking from dental school I get.

Get that like mentorship and they work your way up that’s pretty cool you know what it’s cool but it’s there was a island.

He knows a Seine marcus aurelius yeah Ryan market this is a it was Emperor right the Roman Emperor that he is it philosopher as well and he had he’s not got one called book called meditations Randy is full of quotes.

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