And that place was totally worth it yeah I told you that place is amazing wine yes please speaking of which why didn’t you pounce so mr. tall dark and handsome he always gonna leave a money mother you always leave them wanting more I would have a bite definitely the yummiest guy there I know and since when are you.

Quite oh no no I just seemed really intense maybe you’ll run into him again and it’s meant to be it’ll be you hear something I just thought I heard my name being called it must still be my ears ring from the club.

Maybe it’s him calling out to you still to us and to Eternity [Laughter].

I’m the one you’ve been healing all my me you tell me first yours when your heart how exquisite can feel I knew I don’t know how meeting to a cardinal beckoning.

Surrendering to your primal nature allowed to take passion yes join me in the unrelenting ecstasy that’s your you.

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