Thank you so yes as Preston explained I’m gonna deliver the message today on behalf of our beloved pastor Skye I was thinking about the difference between himself and me and if sky is sort of like the star of the football team like the QB I’m probably like the nerdy guy with the pocket protector and the glasses who plays.

Dungeons & Dragons so it’s gonna be a little.

Different you’ll hear you’ll definitely hear some differences but actually I’m you.

Know I’m really grateful when I was still at Columbia I had no idea what I wanted to do for my career and at various times I thought I wanted to go into politics or be a speechwriter or maybe even be a professor because I love literature and you’ll hear about some of that today but then when I met this church I think it’s really similar what Preston says like everything changed for me I.

Had a way of accessing the Bible that totally resolved like all misunderstandings that I had and I knew that like I have to devote a lot of my time to this so that’s why sometimes I.

Say I’m a teacher by day and a minister I guess by the weekend but.

Know cuz when I teach my kids it’s always about you know this book that we’re reading or this political issue but here I get to talk about something that’s really really close to my heart so with that being said the title of the message today and I’m cueing tech the title of the message today should be drum roll cause I don’t want to reveal it before it comes up oh my gosh and.

It’s okay it should be there should be an.

S on the end of relationships the problem with your relationships okay it’s a little click Beatty but I’ll explain this later.

The problem with relationships you know in his testimony Preston talked about how the he was when his girlfriend broke up with him after high school he just lay on his mom’s bed which is an interesting place to lie again you know he just lay on him he lay on you know maybe for comfort I’m not sure it was comfortable okay but you know I was.

Inspired to talk about this.

Also because of something that happened recently to me and also with a student that I knew so I’ll talk about that a little bit later relationships though is a.

If you’ve grown up and went to school in the US and some other countries too you spent a lot of time reading literature the problems with relationships are so many.

That countless books have been.

Written about them and many of them are very close to my heart and all of them talk about a different aspect of relationships and you can pretty much choose any one that you want to talk about I’d.

Like to begin with a book some of you may have read it’s a play by Shakespeare called a midsummer night’s dream if I were a sky I would then ask you how many people here have read that but I’m not so instead I’m gonna.

Why this book really I think speaks to a very profound aspect of relationships so if you’re not familiar with it it takes place in Athens okay and something’s going on in Athens the King Theseus is getting married and he’s marrying this woman named Hippolyta and Hippolyta.

Is queen of the Amazons and it’s going to be a huge celebration but there’s somebody.

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