So guys I’m a gamer here for today staff series we’re actually gonna be pranking one of the staff members he was a moderator and mean carbonised told him he’s getting demoted but actually he was getting promoted so he got promoted to mod sorry he was trying when I got promoted to mod he’s been with us for a while.

And he just deserves a promotion and if you guys want to see more of me and carbonized show and.

Make sure hit that like button let’s go for at least 15-20.

Likes you know we hit like 20 likes on last video I’m pretty sure so y’all.

Let’s do that again and with all that.

Being said let’s get right into it all right we’re gonna troll Tito Pauly or I’m a KPP og we’re gonna say he was abusing for his friends and he was keeping him in the air we’re also gonna say.

That he unbanned people after you know he’ll.

Asked who we’re gonna say okay I’ll make something up yeah huh oh honey turn you up.

Your mic is very low change okay alright do you have time hey.

Can I talk to you yeah okay very basic came team sweet earlier and he showed me a video of you kind of abusing for your friends do you know anything about that no so you you tp’ed your friend the air you started one view wanting a hacker I’m watching the video right now like why what’s the point in that Lake I don’t get.

It I’m literally watching the video I don’t get it why would you do that yeah yeah I think I’ll have to demote you okay like just don’t do it again I mean if you ever get stuff again just don’t do it no just leave all right how could you – I swear he doesn’t even care No nice ears they don’t know your type would you use phone your friends I was watching you and I saw you TP him into.

The air and then you like gave him some of your items.

A staff move I’m sorry but I seriously don’t know you’re talking about I mean like okay no no I seriously have no idea what you’re talking about I’m not lying I swear to God I’ve been me to send me the video that basic record it’s pretty polite to improve my video yeah I just send – we just trolled Tito Poli we’re still.

Going with the troll he know he know he just knows Tito Tito this is a prank I’m recording for my youtube channel yeah so you’re promoted to one you’ve been with us for a while oh yeah it’s actually pretty soon that YouTube video but then when you actually we were you were you like nervous wait okay yeah I’ll move yo butt GG yeah thank you yeah we’re getting bought it for the 17th time today look.

At this followed or on Twitter door and it’s like dude why why do you bought servers literally you’re gonna get banned it’s it this is like the seventh time I was streaming earlier today it happened like a few times and then I stop streaming happen like I don’t know like I don’t get it but he’s been river all right that’s gonna do it for today’s video if you enjoy.

This one make sure to slap that like button leave a nice comment if you want to be featured in the next video I know I didn’t post it in the start of the video like shout out to whoever I didn’t post their names so the next video for sure there’ll be one here I didn’t really ban hackers this is mostly revolved around me trolling I’m KP piano G or t2 poly this video wanted to be all dedicated to him but I did put one clip one or two clips so yeah if.

You enjoyed hit that like put it and we’ll catch.

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