Question from one of my subscribers foetus rock honest alright can I give a detailed video of training protocols I’ve used over the years and my thoughts on them and what I’ve basically done for my past ten years of training hmm okay so basically starting out I’ve been doing like Russian Bulgarian light kind of like starlight Finnish heavy low.

Volume high frequency like start one set do low reps one set and it just be one exercise of each muscle like one main movement.

Like it’s just squat or deadlift or bench and start light finish heavy and just one top set that’s it nothing else for that movement no.

Assistance exercise and I’d be it and I’ll do that five days a week and then I’ll finish heavy so style would be starting out and it worked well and then sometimes I would do also do ladder work I mean ladder wrap technique like take a fiber at maths or and do take the fire right max do sets of one two and three till gets hard then I’ll do that three days a week and I’ll do one exercise that’s similar to the Bulgarian light I mean.

A ball game a light but the five-day-a-week star light finish heavy high frequency low volume I did just one exercise high volume but it’s high volume but you don’t get tired because you’re doing some maximal raps some maximal work but a lot of reps low volume.

Like take a fiver max two sets of one two and three three days a week and it wouldn’t last long you do it for no more than two weeks and it.

Would be for one exercise so pull-ups if you choose pull-ups you wouldn’t do it for any other back bicep.

Exercise ever at that time you do pull-ups if you choose squats or benchpress you wouldn’t do any other leg exercise and do anything else for chests or triceps or shoulders you and do military press you win and do rows you wouldn’t do deadlifts if you choose that or if you do those exercises you would only do one set so I max them only once a week on a different day and also.

What I would also do is just have a day I just do a simple set and rep scheme and do progressive overload like 5×5 eventually go heavier and then cut the reps and sets 3 by 3 and then peak later and then do singles or just eventually just add wider stats later add more sets of the same reps or add more reps of the same sets of the same weight or add weight and you would probably.

Do this once a week of a specific exercise what else would you do or you would just choose an exercise.

You would try to get a rep or wit or you won’t try to get a rep PR or volume PR you will try to basically get a rep here on that exercise or.

Volume PR use and you’ll just program on it you.

All get the same rep PR though you’re very direct and you’re very the volume and very direct on the volume PR same principle or you.

Just maybe squat everyday that’s what I would do squat everyday bench every dance pull up every day choose an exercise do it every day that only works for so long then when you do that you wouldn’t do anything else or.

You just have a day just do the exercise and leave and that goes more of the techniques I do volume on diet exercise or something else and if you do another exercise it would either.

Be doing that exercise altogether different muscle groups or just that’s it and I do or sometimes I would do DUP daily.

Undulating periodization so basically I would do my mix my my spin on the Bulgarian program well it might spend on a DP program I’ll do my spin on Cal statics my spin on ladder training my spinning on Bulgarian my spin on just basic volume and all of them take progressive overload all.

RPE training all of them take just basic volume training all of them take just going at it what else and I think I said everything I needed to say and if you’re into my coaching you could just shoot me DM or you could just follow me on Instagram or shoot me an email or post below if you’re into my.

Programming but I gave you idea on how I train alright so this is will work for me so far hope this helps.

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