Hi everyone here I’m coming today we’re gonna review for you guys and this time i’m reviewing the brazilian water weight yeah you guys there’s only water ways from reviewing this time yeah and it’s from a company called miss here here a company sounds to erase miss here here company yeah alpha Aliexpress and I got the Brazilian water waiting.

Like I told you and lens I have in our 20 18 16 and a 16 inch closure you guys okay I’m gonna show you how the hair came and then I’ll come back and continue with my initial review you guys.

Okay you don’t know in one wave it’s nice it’s curly it’s way way.

The wavy curls which is very nice and the hair is soft you know that’s my first thing you guys the here is song so you know it’s nice here yeah now this is my initial review cuz I just cut this here and I made a wig out of it like I showed you guys on the video showing you how I do my wigs um yeah so I put it on my mesh recap.

And now I’m just testing it out but so far so good yeah I don’t get tangling I did I don’t know if I will I don’t think this yet and I don’t have any shedding.

Eyes yet which is good good thing yes yes no shedding didn’t look like old is he shouting anywhere no yeah let me tell you by the company now in the shipping was very good you know Aliexpress it’s getting really good you’re really really good shipping to Canada you know things to take forever to reach here but now.

Within a few days it’s here so that’s.

Good yes this shipment was good customer service you know that’s the key with me customer service yeah because my service is good which I always appreciate that I’m Dom yeah if you stay here anybody hears me yeah.

At these curls oh they’re so nice the curls are so nice this here is nice so far so initial review I will come back again and tell you guys how this here is faring you know I always keep you updated let you know so you can go and get some for yourself.

And I will even link you know to miss here here company Oh I’ll leave all the links below the links to the here every for you guys to go over and check it out their prices are excellent you guys really really good prices so you should.

School is coming for all you ladies so we’re going back to school you know you want a nice dude to go yeah this here is nice and it’s nice that it’s curly so you just put it on and go you don’t have to worry about flat ironing curly wanting it whatever he no Waterways it’s curly just spritz it up and you go yeah alright everyone thank.

You once again for coming on and seen the video that I have for today and.

As always stay blessed from billions lives bye everyone.


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