For example in the ancient wisdom texts we publish called the Collbran Bible the ancient Egyptians called it the destroyer whereas the ancient Sumerians called it Nibiru consequently there are a lot of different ideas as to the nature of this object in our February 2009 report we discussed three possible variants an asteroid like object comet like object and many.

Constellation until Planet X is officially observed it could be anything although we do know it is big otherwise it would not be interacting with the other bodies in our system as.

It does each of these three variants has its own observation peculiarities these are exacerbated by the fact that this object is in a comet-like orbit regardless of what type of object planet X turns out to be one thing we do know is that it is in a comet-like orbit that makes it very unpredictable a good example is comet hale-bopp it was the most widely observed comet of the last century and it was dubbed the great comet of 1997.

At the time of its discovery in 1995 it was estimated to be in a 4,200 year orbit around our Sun however in 1996 it passed within point seven seven au of Jupiter to help put that in perspective Venus orbits our Sun at a distance of approximately 0.778 you flyby past Jupiter hail Bob’s 4,200 year orbit was shortened by 40% to just.

Two thousand five hundred and thirty three years how could this happen just as with Planet X hale-bopp sorbets around our Sun is steeply inclined to the ecliptic which makes it inherently unstable and the substantial reduction in its orbit is explained by a theory called the cosy mechanism you can learn more about the.

Cosy mechanism on the internet and it is covered extensively in our.

Book Planet X forecast in 2012 Survival Guide as we’ve often pointed out in our book and on our websites this object is in an unstable comet-like orbit simply stated Planet X is a fast traveler and its orbit is steeply inclined to the ecliptic ergo it’s orbital.

Behavior is highly unpredictable and subject to change at any time this.

Will become even more pronounced as Planet X closes the distance between itself and our Sun the closing distance between Planet X and the.

Sun is very important for us to consider now let’s take another look at that first slide prepared.

By Yakko vendor work he currently estimates the distance between Planet X and the Sun to be nine point nine.

Astronomical units that is nearly twice the distance between Jupiter and the Sun this is an important fact because comets are not typically observed until they’re inside the orbit of Jupiter they must come.

Close to the Sun before they develop a coma and tail.

This in turn helps to also explain why planet X is going to be difficult to observe at this time assuming it is a comet like object to help give us a perspective on the planet X transit through the southern skies let’s return to yuck evander warps second slide when we presented the second slide the one where we.

Are looking from the South Pole out into space we’re doing so at an angle of approximately 60 degrees up from the horizon when we do so our estimate places Planet X in the constellation of pictur the arcing line of the orbit suggest that Planet X will follow a steady plotting course as it moves from left to right towards the constellation vela however this is not the case because of two reasons first the.

Manner in which the Earth rotates on its poles as it relates to our view of the night sky and secondly because Planet X is in a comet-like orbit that is steeply inclined to the ecliptic we therefore estimate that by August 2010 Planet X will enter the constellation of carina where it will begin to speed up a bit as is the case with comet-like orbits during this time the distance between Planet X in the Sun will be decreasing while at the.

Same time the angle of its orbit will be increasing this decreasing distance and increasing angle will continue and even speed up as Planet X approaches the ecliptic assuming planet X continues following this orbital path regardless.

Of what type of object it may.

Be the fact is it’s going to be heading towards the Milky.

Way and that creates a whole new kind of viewing problem when viewing an object in the night sky you must be able to differentiate between it and the star field behind it to illustrate the complexity of this let’s assume that you are going to a candlelight vigil to meet a friend you know what your friend looks like and you know.

He or she will be holding a candle but when you arrive spotting your friend becomes a very difficult proposition the same holds true with Planet X at this time it is about to pass through the most magnificent candlelight vigil if you will in our night sky the Milky.

Way with that in mind let’s return to our second image of the South Pole view here we see planted X slowly making its way along its orbital path towards the constellation Villa in this slide we are showing you the.

Position of Planet X relative to the South Pole point of view now let’s take the same panel slide and increase the brightness the light gray area that runs through the right side of the image from the constellation vela down through to the constellation Canis Major is the Milky Way so not only is Planet X twice the distance from our Sun as Jupiter it is passing through an.

Area of the sky that receives less than 2% of our attention and one with a very dense background star.

Field at that ergo what you’ve got is the proverbial Planet X needle in a cosmic haystack so who will officially announced the discovery of Planet X certainly not some run by fruit ur with a cell phone rather we believe that honor will most likely go to project wormwood a planetary defense group at the.

Lyra myth solar observatory located on the northwest cape of Western Australia now let’s move on to the most likely worst-case Planet X flyby scenario this is the difficult part of this video briefing for us as Planet X.

Researchers because we really do understand how these various different planet X flyby scenarios could work out I can remember back in 2002 in 2003 when I was making guest appearances on coast to coast and saying clever things like the surface of the earth could wiggle like a bowl of jell-o with a comfortable distance of time such clever radio sound bites were all too easy yet as clever as they were perhaps it turns out they could be closer to what may happen than I could have imagined in February of.

This year we published a report with eight different flyby scenarios ranging.

From the best case to the worst case I strongly urge you to view that video if you have not already done so in this video briefing I’m going to take a look at what could be a likely worst case scenario I want the strongly emphasized to you before I do this that there is no true likely worst case scenario this is.

An unstable object it’s a fast mover and things could change at any time I want to strongly urge you the viewer to understand that when planet X crosses the ecliptic you will go into an area we called the kill.

Zone we fully explain the kill zone in our February 2009 report for now what we need to keep in mind is that this is when the worst case or the best case scenario for.

That matter will occur assuming there can only be one best case scenario and likewise one worst case scenario the odds of one of the other happening is 50/50 this is because a best-case scenario can only happen if Planet X passes through the kill zone.

While it is on the side of the Sun opposite from Earth however if Planet X passes through the kill zone while it is on side of the Sun then that is when the most likely worst case scenario will occur as we have stated in this video and countless other times this object is a fast mover in a comet-like orbit and it is unpredictable so a definitive estimate.

As to whether we’ll have a best case or a worst-case scenario is virtually impossible even if we could somehow manage to connect all of the computers in the world together to form one massive computing machine it would be hard-pressed to better our 5050 odds at this time because of these limitations the best we.

Can do now is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best and there’s only one way we can really do that.

At this point in time we must look beyond the limits of traditional science into a realm of.

Inquiry where we take in account prophecies from the Holy Bible mother Shipton Nostradamus Leonardo da Vinci and many others taken all together what we see is.

A recurring pattern consistent with the pull shift prophecy of the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce with this in mind we’ve watched the trailers for the forthcoming 2012 movie by Sony with great interest while there’s nothing in the trailers to explain how these.

Events come about what we see is Planet X researchers is very clearly and Edgar Cayce.

Pole shift so if you really want to know what the worst-case scenario would be then go watch the movie and yes keep in mind it is Hollywood and that they are taking creative license and they tend to exaggerate things however when we look at it at least from what we see from the trailers it’s a spot-on edgar cayce pole shift complete.

With mega tsunamis super quakes and super.

Volcano eruption one thing we’ve noticed with Sony’s 2012 movie trailers is that they opened with this really ominous 2012 Mayan prediction well the Maya were telling us.

Something much more than that yes it’s the end.

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