Good morning it is so great to be in New York and I’m incredibly excited today to introduce an all-new MacBook Air with a Retina display and a whole lot more now it’s Tim said the number one feature custom Sam had wanted in a MacBook Air has been a Retina display but we’ve made the display better in every way.

The familiar aluminum bezel of the current MacBook Air is gone the new air sleek design takes the display glass right to the edge of the enclosure forming borders that.

Are 50% narrower it features a 13.

3 inch display and when it comes to resolution we’ve taken the pixels and quadrupled them providing four.

Times the resolution for over 4 million pixels and even with this narrow or border design we were still able.

To keep the FaceTime camera at the top of the display the MacBook Air has another.

New feature that customers have been asking for and that’s touch ID and to enable touch ID the new air comes with Apple’s t2 security chip teaching also features a secure an SSD controller which has automatic on-the-fly data encryption offering the most secure storage of any notebook the new MacBook Air has our latest generation keyboard with keys that offer four times the stability over the previous generation a modern keyboard.

Does he deserves to be paired with a modern trackpad so we’ve replaced the old diving board version with a new force touch trackpad now whether it’s.

In dorm rooms or lounging on the sofa at home we know customers spend a lot of time watching videos on their MacBook Air so we wanted to make a better sound experience it is 25% louder it has two times more bass and wide stereo sound so the new MacBook.

Air has two Thunderbolt 3 ports there’s an eighth generation dual-core CPU along with the latest Intel integrated graphics and it also supports up to 16 gigabytes of faster memory which is double the capacity of the previous air it has the same great 12 hours of wireless web browsing but now has up to 13 hours of iTunes movie playback the new air has an unbelievable 17% less volume than its predecessor it’s just fifteen point six millimeters which is ten percent thinner than the previous air.

So the new MacBook Air is configured with eight gigabytes of memory a 1.6 core i5 processor with turbo up to 3.6 and 128 gigs of storage and we’ll start at 1199 making it the most affordable retina Mac we’ve ever offered you can order it.

Starting today and it will be available next week now there’s some other small but mighty Mac our users have been waiting for I can’t wait.

To tell you about the biggest update ever to the new Mac Mini now I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve given it an awesome space great finish the number one thing our customers wanted us to do is give it more powerful processors so now every Mac Mini starts with four cores.

That was far enough so we’re also giving Mac Mini 6 cores processors as well and these are mobile parts no these are.

Higher power each generation CPUs with faster graphics to ripping through traditional desktop apps like logic and Photoshop and workflow apps like mainstage and compressor making this by far the most powerful Mac Mini we’ve ever made so the new Mac Mini can now go up to 64 gigs.

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