Create your own style easily add new totally awesome items to your collection of unique accessories in this project we’ll show how to make funny felt hair clips let’s make an ice cream cone shaped clamp first we’ll need felt of pink and tangerine colors pink tulle cardstock ribbon outliner fabric paint and a metal clip back draw template on cardboard.

Outline a cone with a slightly rounded top place the cutout on tangerine felt and trace cut out.

The outline make a pink felt square hot.

Glue it to the cone cut down the corners hot glue tool crumbling.

It up in your hands to make a cloud shape topping cut off the excess add hot glue to the tool and the pink felt attach the pink topping.

To the ice cream imitate a waffle pattern using brown out liner paint hot glue a ribbon to shape to curls cut off the excess attach the detail to the backside of the cone attach a clip back this blended ice cream cone where the fine pink topping can be worn as a brooch as well as a hair clamp let’s make another hair accessory in a shape of an.

Amazing blue owl we’ll need cardboard felt of chocolate and blue colors polka dot ribbon a clip back and two white buttons take a piece of cardstock draw a stylized owl head shape template cut it out place the template on the blue felt and trace cut it out fasten off the thread a bit beyond the edge so around the outline with a running stitch.

Try to make the seam even to look neat add button eyes so them down.

With the same bread make the stitch horizontal to imitate short-sighted allies.

Fasten off the thread on the backside cut it off stitch the second die in the same way cut out a small chocolate felt triangle for a beak add two oval legs attach the legs to the back side make a ribbon curl cut off the excess make another curl the wrong side out place the details crisscross attach the cross detail to the backside of the owl use a hot glue gun attach a clip back on top of the ribbons this amusing blue.

Owl will decorate your hairstyle and cheer you up on a rainy day now.

Let’s make one more funny hair clamp shaped is a cheerful jellyfish we’ll need cardboard felts of coral color ribbons and alligator clip back and out liner fabric paints draw cut bulbs shape template on cardboard cut it out trace.

On coral felt cut it out take a needle with red thread sew across.

The edge cut off the excess thread we’ve got a jellyfish base take wavy ribbons of pink and purple colors cut them out into equal parts attached to the backside of the jellyfish alternate the pink and purple ribbons take thin satin ribbons cut off two pieces of the same length hot glue the end to form a loop make another of the same pale pink detail.

Attach both loops to the backside of the clamp take out liner paints outline a nose eyes and eyelashes black make rosy cheeks with a coral outliner decorate the face with blue dots on top and yellow drops on the bottom attach an alligator clip as a finishing touch the cute coral jellyfish will match the amusing blue owl to decorate hair braids if you feel sad just wear these funny felt hair clamps and be in a good mood all day long today.

We’ll make a stylish wide belt from 5th grade belt and black velvet ribbon will need thick gray felt tailors chalk tape measure sharp scissors and a black velvet ribbon draw a three inch wide strip the length is your waist.

Circumference reduced by 1 inch cut out with the scissors Markoff the middle of the belt draw a line at half an inch from the upper edge repeat for the other edge set down half an inch from each line and draw two more.

Inch to each side from the middle point then mark off two inches to the right until there is about one and a half inches up to the end repeat for the other side and between the lower lines the number of marks must be even now fold the belt across the length carefully make cuts on the marks now we need two pieces of the velvet ribbon double your waist measurement to get the needed.

Length melt the ends with a lighter pass the ribbon through the cuts starting with the front side the end of the ribbon should pass through the last cut on to the front side repeat for the second ribbon shake off the chalk from the inside with a felt cloth to keep your outfit clean tie a bow as a finishing touch it won’t take much time to make this belt though it looks smart in this tutorial we’ll share.

A couple of awesome felt jewelry making ideas let’s make a felt necklace in cool shades first take a piece of felt and cut out half inch strips of various length make several of the same details of other colors hot glue the ends of a felt strip to shape a loop continue sticking the rest of the details in.

Same way let’s attach all the felt details to form a necklace hot glue the loops one by one alternating size in color align the elements to look neat fasten extra big loops in the middle for the necklace to keep shape attach a chain to the backside cover the attachment.

Place with a strip of dark felt cut off the excess add hot glue to the.

Chain to attach the felt strip cut off the excess put two jump rings on the end chain links attached.

A lobster clasp the stylish big necklace will perfectly complete your outfit let’s.

Realize the second of our jewelry ideas draw a base template cut it out place it on thick gray felt and trace.

Cut it out we’ll need rainbow colored felt for the base decoration cutout two to three triangles of different size from felt of each color place the details on the base to look harmonious hot glue the elements attach a flat cord to.

The backside at both ends cover the attachment places with felt triangles cut the cord in the middle and tie knots at the ends make a bow as a finishing touch this gorgeous necklace will emphasize your individuality even if.

You wear a casual outfit use these interesting felt jewelry making ideas and get splendid unusual necklaces to wear every day or on special occasions in this tutorial.

We’ll show how to make a smart flower felt brooch decorated with beads will.

Need felt of chocolate brown ochre and gray colors beads brown seed beads a metal brooch pin back embellishments metal charms bead caps and supply pins and white seed beads cut out an inch wide strip from the ochre felt hot glue the middle and fold along a duty the end and.

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