Hey guys it’s story and welcome welcome so today’s video is going to be another Dollar Tree DIY home decor project and I’m going to be making a little topiaries so here’s your sneak peek what you guys are gonna see and let’s just go ahead and get started I’m starting out with four of these glass candle holders that I.

Found in the candle section.

Of Dollar Tree this floral moss that I found in.

The floral section these four large Christmas.

Ornaments and this glitter ribbon both of which I found up front in the seasonal section with the Christmas items I removed the hanger from an ornament then I placed one candle holder on top and I traced around it with a marker next I began hot gluing a floral moss to the ornament I did.

Mostly covered except for inside the circle I just traced then I used my hands to flatten the moss to make it look a little more uniform next I hot glued a piece of ribbon around the top of the candle holder and I’m gonna be building a bow to go on it I did that by hot gluing two pieces in two loops then attaching the ends of those together.

Another small piece around the seam of the loops and attached to two tail pieces to the back then I simply hot glued the bow.

To the other piece of ribbon next I applied a six thousand to the top of the candle holder and placed on the Moss ball I repeated this three more times at making a four topiaries.

And using two bags of the floral moss and here’s one final shot for you guys of how the project turned out well that’s it I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will link here now some of my other DIY.

Home decor projects so you guys can check those out if you like too and as always thanks for watching I’ll see you soon bye bye.

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