Hey guys as many of you know we’ve been talking quite a lot about web browsers on this channel as of late and mostly the focus is been around mostly Chrome and Firefox because they’re the two big heavyweights in this arena but a lot of you guys have been recommending other browsers specifically today we’re gonna be talking about water.

Fox now water Fox is based on Mozilla Firefox but it has a few tweaks and changes that many think improve it immeasurably so I’m gonna be sharing my experiences of using water Fox as my primary browser over the last couple of weeks so as you can see here this is water Fox fifty five point two point two.

And the 64-bit version now originally back in the old days what Fox was effectively made as a 64-bit web browser based on Firefox and the emphasis was solely on speed so as you can see here I’ve got.

The about page up but there is about what Fox oh.

Yeah says here water Fox was.

Started back in March of 2011 by myself Alex cantos a 16 year old student I.

Had a fascination for the web and wanted to help expand on the ideas of what Mozilla had.

For a free and open web and so I decided to make water Fox a 64-bit browser based on Mozilla’s free and open source platform water fox was one of the first widely distributed 64-bit browsers on the.

Web and quickly gained a loyal following at the time water Fox had one thing in.

Mind speed but now water Fox also attempts to be an ethical user orientated browser so one of.

The many issues that people have had with Firefox as of late is that it actually does it isn’t necessarily as private as it necessarily lets on so one of some of the features that it claims to have is that it disables a lot of the a.

Lot of the features that Firefox have which might be a risk to your personal.

Privacy and this can include everything from the teller teller at element I’m having trouble with words today telemetric tell them two hours.

Later telemetry finally got that one out it removes pocket it removes data collection and renews things.

Like startup profiling it also disables encrypted media extensions for those of you that don’t.

Like those and also it allows the running of all 64-bit NPAPI plugins so if you’re a fan of those also it allows the running of unsigned extensions and the removal of things like sponsored tiles as in a duplicate tab option locale selector in the general preferences so it does tweak the the Firefox web browser considerably so that it might be more appealing to people that value privacy or value free and open source software just a little bit more than your average.

Firefox user but again this is all down to personal preferences and personal software ethics so as I always say you know what what I.

Use or what other people decide to use of course isn’t necessarily a soapbox to stand on but rather just more options and and more avenues to make an informed decision about the kind of software that we all use so I’ve got to say I’ve been using it now for quite some time a couple of weeks.

I think and it does ring very true to Firefox it seems very Firefox esque and it performs I would say about the same I haven’t seen a noticeable difference but I.

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