Hello everybody before we get started I’m gonna introduce myself my name is Monika wall I’m a student of the University from the major counting and information system and today I and alpha culture of Indonesia this topic is important especially for us in Asian that we have to know that we have so many cultures in our country so far.

This culture culture is especially very modest one in human society culture is considered the central possible in topology encompassing of phenomena that are transmitted through social learning in human societies there are many.

Types of culture is include expressive like art music dance ritual religion technology and music the traditional music of Central and East Java and Valley is double crunch on his musical gendering that is this Peter initially as the main is a quite struggle a lot of traditional music fishermen of West Java that are made from bamboo the stock music system no we come from the province of Musa bears resemblance to a heart Indonesian dance reflects the diversity.

Of culture from ethnic groups that compose a nation of Indonesia there are some dances.

Like the Ramayana and Mahabharata if someone.

From Aurora chair Tom and Ray upon a world of the collaborative strategies martial arts the art of peacocks Villa West treat the tempers we developed in the island of Java and Sumatra it is an art for survival and practiced through up the Indonesian in our Chicago Philip wasn’t used my religion independence fighter during their struggle by the Dutch colonial rose unfortunately after Indonesia achieve independence Silla became less popular among Indonesian youth compared to.

For any martial arts like the kwon.

Do and karate painting the kenyan decorative arts that are based on enemy natural motifs such as birth and cornfields understanding both traditional art are like.

Geometric thought i do wood carvings but last but not least the various paintings that fix the stele of felonies by genes and religious structures the magnetic sculptures can be found in the island of yoga so much rice there are some like the day of wooden statue that’s a strong word essential that idea the bottom like thank you of but that any Nia strike but the most the temple sculptures is the hundred of the krilov and the wonderful food.

Inspections in the Borobudur temple in Tokyo part-ii architecture the most dominant influencer of Indonesian architecture review there are some examples like nudie books fields of their people to me talk about the room of a lot of bad people and then open another idea first the woods in Indonesia has been influenced by Chinese culture Indian.

Culture and as well as by the Western culture but that permanent about concealed from Sumatra is very popular also statite are suffered.

In Indonesia and originated from Java Sumatra Manila the Muslim definition is rights as their main dishes and wide range vegetable meat as their side dishes the last type religion whose sympathy villages main religion has almost eighty eight percent of immediately clear Muslim that makes Indonesia is the most major most.

Of the world the remaining population with nine percent Christian two percent Hindu and one percentages and this is sweet why is it that as a culture we are four times the mostly to maximum begun than holding hands that it is all for today thank you for paying attention and goodbye.

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