Hi guys as-salam-o-alaikum I hope you will find so today topic is how to use FL statement in C program so let I introduced Ethel’s statement first of all open the software get him software when software will be open press ctrl + n for new file the new file will appear next step to save a file press ctrl +.

S to save a file the dialog box will appear on your screen write the filename in this block main dot CPP CPP the extension of C++ hit the Save button to save a file the file will be saved so write the program.

First of all hash tag include lesser then library file entered an int main function yes curly braces first of all I declare two variables in int variable a terminator then variable b terminator and then try it the print statement in it enter the first variable first value into the first value then print scan of function this person D to display person D to display the decimal values and operators and then a again.

Print the statement second statement is entered second statement value again print the scanf.
Function person d this and and operator than be this.

Is a program these two values ridden the user then you will write a statement then condition is a greater than if is greater than b then print the value in braces when the value is this the value is greater so if a statement if a value is greater than b then print this print.

F statement else if the value is lesser than a.

Else statement is written then curly braces if a is less than b then print this statement the value is smaller the program is ready to run press f5 function key to run the program it says that entered the first value all right into the first value is ninety nine press Enter key it says that into the second value press 36 to enter and enter it the value is greater because I write the condition if a is greater than.

B the if statement is written if statement is written is the statement if is the value is.
Greater the value is greater so I will again the.

Press Enter key and the program is again to run press fi function key to run the program and this way I entered the first value is 12 and second value is 99 press Enter key the value is smaller because I write this program.

If a is greater than B then print this statement if is lesser than B then print this statement the program is successfully done it.

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