In terms of the YouTube channel this how to code well thing I do this on my on my toilet it’s basically me doing this so this is what I do in my my fall time and there has been a couple of times where I’ve looked at this channel and I’ve kind of thought you know this isn’t this isn’t.

A good reflection of the skill sets that I know you would be you would be forgiven to think that it is simply just a back-end developer creating back-end development tutorials it isn’t and it isn’t like that I mean for example.

A large part of this week was spent working on CSS and JavaScript and HTML and twig and ginger – you know that those kind of.
Templating engines there is none of that in.

HTML tutorials that I’ve done but it’s not it’s not obvious that I am a full stack developer by just going to this how to cope well channel so I need to be very cautious as to what I put out on this channel going forward I think because I’m in.

Danger of typecasting myself as just a teacher of back-end because you know I’ve got a I’ve got a docker in motion course from Manning publications I’m doing a course.

Publishing and there’s another one in in the pipeline – all of which are back-end so the docker is obviously DevOps the the packed one is.

Python they’re all DevOps or.

Back-end stuff and they’ve chosen those languages they’ve asked me to do those languages because they’ve not they know that that is what I’ve done on my channel they don’t know that I can do other bits and pieces.

Because that isn’t that isn’t advertised and I can kind of see this kind of going into this spiral where the.

More I do the back end tutorials the more requests I’m going to be doing of backend tutorials which means.

The more back-end tutorials I’m.

Going to do and therefore I’m going to be seen as a back-end developer on this how to code well channel which is why.

I would like to do some front-end stuff be it CSS be it JavaScript maybe some mobile application stuff to just to balance that kind of stuff out because this how.

To code well channel is also I.

Mean it has also brought in work in the freelance sense which is fantastic but again that work is purely back-end.
So so there is there is that that I.

Need to consider and and take into out.

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