Good morning paramount brookside today is Thursday November 1st 2018 and I’m mr.
Goldblatt please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all this week is a purple week lunch today is.

Pepperoni pizza served with a glazed carrots and assorted fruit a salad will be available as an alternative take a look at today’s weather its 5th grader Isaiah Johnson hello my name is today’s forecast.

Calls for a rain and a hat it’s gonna be cold with a high of 47 degrees we will be having indoor recess thank you that Isaiah there’s a 3rd through 6th grade football practice after school today this is a make up from yesterday when there was no football practice.

We’ll have chess club until 5:15 after school and yearbook club meets in time in space until 5:00 for today’s a spotlight on a student I sat down with two of chess club’s most talented players recommended to us today but miss Cassidy all right Kaden yeah I understand you are in chess club this year tell me a little bit about what you guys do in chess club so.

A chess club we pair up at the beginning and we work and try and put each other in checkmate excellent and miss Heidelberg tell me your favorite thing about being in chess club people and yeah when did you first start playing chess I started playing chess.

And one of the people that was and our beach house taught me what about you when do you first play chess he just taught.

Me and I just I learned is there anything that you learn in chess club it’s applicable in the classroom that.

You have to plan out what you’re going to do next that’s what about you something you can do in your everyday life as well right yes all right well thank you guys both for sitting down talking today I really appreciate it and good luck.

At your next two chess match thanks for that you too and.

Students as you engage with the world and those around you today remember dreams only work if you work for them make it a great day paramount.

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