Hi I’m Stacey Moser and we would like to welcome you to Christian ministries Church you made an amazing decision by joining us this morning our service will start shortly and our band will come and lead us in worship and then a powerful word from one of our pastors we want to encourage you to experience God’s presence with us.
Today CMC has so many things happening here for you and your family so.

Before we start our service we want to take just a few minutes to share all that is going on this week here at Christian.

Church updating our member directory has never been so simple and effective you can visit our website at CM Church comm go to the menu click on the members directory tab then select the first.

Link provided then just follow the simple step-by-step instructions with the online church directory I can find and connect lalla members here Christian ministries you can also get the church.

Directory app which is available on all Apple and Android devices it’s simple all you have to do is pick up a church directory from in the foyer fill it out and return.

It to the foyer after you have completed the form go to the App Store and download the free app straight to your smartphone when the app is downloaded enter the email address you.

Provided the church office and follow the simple instructions to getting connected and the church directory is accessed right in the palm of your hand the process was easy and convenient so what are you waiting for get connected today thanks so much for being here with.
Us today you can stay connected with us.

Throughout the week online at CH comm or through our CMC app Facebook and Instagram now let’s stand and worship the Lord together.

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