It’s me Rachel and today I’m back with another hair video for you guys so today I’ll be showing you all how I put on and defined this a water white hair the specific wig is from both Fox hair so I’ll be sure to leave their link them below so you guys can go check them out and all the.

Other things that they have to offer it is the packaging that mine came in it’s just a pink bag and it did come with some lashes in there so really cute this is the blue.

Glue in this wig this is just how I look straight out with some foundation and concealer on which I’ll show you guys it’s really simple really easy and it’s actually pretty natural umm compared to some friends that I’ve worked with this one wasn’t that hard at all so.

I kind of finesse and it would be really easy for like a quick get up and go if you guys want to see how I work with.

His hair and how I define the water wings on it then just keep watching okay so as far as what products I’ll be.
Using I honestly just went and.

Grabbed whatever I could find but I feel like we’ll leave my hair fluffy and like a lightweight and not weigh it down so I’ll just show you guys as.

I use them and I’m going to be using my curly detangling brush and I got those from a website.

Called Mimi box but if you can’t find it on there it says.

Time on damp brush tion so yeah of course I’m gonna start off by spraying it with some water and this is just water and black castor oil and I got this spray bottle from Sally’s as far as the next spray I’m going to use I’m gonna be using this everyday beach wave spray and this.

Actually came in a fast it fun so I’m pretty sure it’s like a bit fun Brandon I’m gonna use my frizzies air dry waves and I like to use.

This because I’m like loose curly hair like this because.

I feel like it understands that we don’t wanna be weighed down you know.

We just want to be lighted area stuff like style your hair be sure to like Pat it down and kind of flatten it stuff it will naturally have set that you know just want to ways beyond flat bland so.

I’m sure that you’re like encouraging it to lay down I’ll let this dry it’s gonna air dry and then I’ll be back to show you guys how it looks all dry hey guys so this is how my hair turned out I.

Like it overall the curl pattern is really really pretty on this hair so yeah that’s basically how I put this wig on how I defined the curls so if you guys would like to know more about this wig or you’d like to buy it obviously leave the link down below for you guys so you can go check it out and yeah see you.

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