Hi guys today I wanted to make a video about how to keep your girl’s hair ties organized I recently bought some hair ties and a lot of these little ones but so now our this is something that always families I just wanted to do a video about an idea that I just got to keep everything more organized so.

A while ago and then I bought for a different project these are just little things that you can clip like.

This and close them and I thought we can hang all the scrunchies and all the hair ties around this thing and then every time we want when we just open it and take one out so I’m gonna try to organize our little box here with all of them and these two things it’s just as easy it’s like I showed you just go to that part open it take one out stick it back in when you’re done.
Close it so they have these two things so I don’t like leaves as.

Much as I like try to organize these by color and I have these.

Things you know how many times my four-year-old daughter has opened this.

And everything has fun on the floor and we just try to pick it up but then we just end up that coming most of it so I tried to get this home again but I think I’m gonna try to put them in those little circle things as you can see I have plenty and I think this is much harder for her to open I don’t even think she can open this here you go so.

I got each one a separate thing and you by the way.

You don’t know how to separate them by color if you just want to put them all in together just so that they’re not.

A mess obviously you can do that for me this is just easier and now I’m left with their little bows and clips so I have this container I got from Hobby Lobby and it’s now I think I can stick the bows in here just sticking but then I was left with fees but she and my daughter doesn’t wear these anymore so it’s fine easily and.

They’re all in here now I am just left with many of these like these are big and.

They’re easy to you know they’re easy to just store if all the little ones are out of the way then these are not a problem this is what their box looks like right now they have the little things in these circles and have these in these rings this is their bows and.

This is their headbands they’re all the same guys hope you enjoyed this video and I gave you a little idea.

Of what to do with your hair ties your girls hair ties or your own to keep them less messy if this is your first time on this channel please consider subscribing I do a lot of home decor and organization tips recipes DIYs with kids stuff like that so if you liked this video.
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