Are you tired of the same old beauty routine why not add some beauty tricks to your routine from all over the world from China to France we love all the variety in beauty rituals therefore there’s no room for the mundane below is a list of natural beauty secrets from around the world that will help you put a little.

Flair back into your routine read on below for beauty secrets from five different countries one Australia Aussie girls are the envy of women because of their carefree beauty and you would love to know what beauty tricks the land down under has to offer as it turns.

Out one old ritual that were originally used by Aboriginal women is known as yarrow root this special herb contains some incredible renewal and moisturizing power which is why women used it to prevent stretch marks.

And for hydration purposes you can still find yarrow root extract at retailers today too China Chinese women seem to have impossibly perfect complexions this is because they have perfected the art of skin care did you know that an ancient practice may be.

At the heart of traditional Chinese Beauty and these are Jade rollers but what could Jade besides being an accessory for your vanity do for your skin Jade which is a cool.

The puffiness and helps in maintaining healthier and younger looking skin while this ancient Beauty ritual were used to be reserved for elite Chinese women Jade rollers are now making an.

Appearance in luxury retailers 3 Egypt Egyptian women have introduced some of their amazing beauty secrets to the world coal for example is a cosmetic product that came from Egypt the black thick winged eyeliner look is something that women still love today but one of the most intriguing ancient Beauty rituals is the use of milk bats the science behind the use of milk baths makes sense the lactic acids can help in softening your.

Skin while the fats present in the milk can moisturize and heal it for France franc women indulge in at-home manicures to reduce discoloration in nails for a perfect manicure they let their fingers soak in a concoction of lemon juice and warm water 5 Italy what comes to your mind when you.

Think of Italian women luscious shiny and dark hair many Italian women used hair masks made with yogurt and olive oil to get lots of bounce and shine without breaking.

The bank how to one mix one teaspoon of olive oil and one cup of full fat yogurt to smooth a mixture into your hair 3 leave on for 5 minutes 4 wash with cold water.

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