How’s it going are you looking to buy little desktop tripods to mount your camera or your lighting for your YouTube videos these mount right on your desk they’re small convenient and fairly reasonable I’m going to review three of them stay tuned for the details okay here is the first tripod take a look it has gray legs the the.

Connector head up here is flat it has this little handily looking thing right here as you can see and when you open it it.

Allows you to turn it right when you close it it’s supposed to stay locked you open up the legs like this okay it’s a it’s sort of sold.
As being compact I believe you can get these at Walmart okay.

I want to let you know that what happens is when you have your tripod set up like this and you mount your camera on there the ratchet that’s inside here when you have it closed is not strong enough to keep the camera upright and then a what ends up happening is that.

It turns and the camera falls over and you get pissed because you can’t believe the camera fell over and so this tripod is garbage I’ll sell you know it’s basically not worth the money well there goes a leg it just literally popped off these pop off these black things that the legs do not extend and all these rubber things pop out constantly these things are loose.

This is garbage okay let’s move onto the next one it’s this black all metallic aluminum tripod it’s got a little half see here Turner which presses into a ball if I loosen this up here I’ll show you this moves free you can spin.

This thing around okay so you have some you have some you know mobility here to move the camera around if.

You wanted to light and do whatever you want to do it’s also kind of cool here is that the legs open up of course and they tell us cut they open up like that see pretty cool let’s move this one up oh what the well that leg doesn’t open up I guess that one’s crap that was worth about.

5 bucks one of the legs won’t open up so keep that in mind it’s all black okay it is made of all metal but I’ll have to get a pair of pliers and try to pull that one leg out what a piece of junk so keep that in.

Mind I would avoid buying these all black ones okay then we have this one and this is a nice tripod now keep in.

Mind it you know it’s a Chinese tripod it’s cheap but it’s.

Got it’s heavy-duty the head is pretty heavy-duty it’s much heavier heavier than the other ones it’s got actual rubber gasket on top so that when you screw it into the device it.

Actually grabs it all the other ones don’t have any rubber on top this part of it is much more durable and the legs not only come out to one level but they come out they tell it’s got two two two legs which is really super cool so when looking for tripods make.

Sure that you get the ones with the metallic head on top and make sure that the top part has a.

And you will get the good one this is the good one you want all right and they’re not expensive and if they’re like a couple bucks more you know if this is like ten bucks I’d buy it you know you know after.

A while these may get loose I just want to let you know if they get loosed and you just wrap some tape around a big deal you know who cares so there’s the one you want okay have a great.

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