Let’s see we live uh yeah I think we’re live okay all right so sorry guys uh my computer shut off haha technical difficulties oof close out oh hey spill in Detroit I have so sorry I had a one a mom came home so I had to take the dogs out oh yeah oh yeah hey listen I mean Milo.
Oh bud wanted uh me bird wanted me to do a a.

Dog show tada right on he’s my dog so yeah he’s a boy he’s off a shepherd and bird dog mix and his name is Marlo he’s about two years old I have two.

Dogs and this is just one of them uh uh he’s a good pillow yeah oh stop let me get the old one turn down my ugly dog so this is Lucy.
Yeah there’s two uh she’s uh.

She’s a pit bull and terrier mix she’s I think like five or six years old she’s a rescue dog because she has like scars and the vet found on the street it’s like a puppy so we adopted her and yeah look at a smile Luke is huge Lucas you tremors right no I’m not sure miss Chen this is one of my friends and stop talking though.

He’s gonna be so oh wait no I’m loose um do you know I’m Lucas tremors yeah I know tremors I known since I was like super bad at you can I have.

A dog this is the Doge oh let me get both of them at once Oh boom two dogs essence boom now I see you face I’m so on you dogs barking Oh HM.

Is uploaded yesterday wow you are well I oh cool I’m gonna watch it I uh commented on one of.

These videos hey Travis we don’t talk that much I mean let me go douche in actually I left the.

Klan now it’s fun Klan died I quit look we’re going as you saw from the last livestream uh get those get out of here you Chinese how are you dogs that’s tough Wade you still play Oh Oh Danny.

Boy Denny’s and Chet no I don’t boy hey Danny so oh no I don’t play I don’t play pixel gun anymore hey oh you can see my dog pixel gun 3d sucks yeah candy does there no pixel gun actually pixel.

The developers suck cuz ever since I won up they were they made think I weapons to shot the game just got progressively worse from there honestly they wouldn’t move 3k yeah I know but uh the movements gay I.

Know but they ruined the movement think hey it’s a good but it’s good much bigger yeah I might buy Milo who knew having to violate the gay oh yeah well I wouldn’t even know I messaged her and then she added like I think she deleted discord she commented.

On one of my videos and I like I said bothers at you and she didn’t reply erotic gaming yeah exotic.

Aiming boy I loved I loved it but spin game no I could I could spammer but exotic oh boy he’s pretty good youtuber but the things she said in a video was just not good I support it and for once I actually.

Support Esso on something so he said wouldn’t do cat spammers equals gay you gay that’s key hi.

My god um my tiny brain cannot read that word demo litter no you get no you you gay so on my channel I’m gonna have some videos of my voice Indian.

Accent gameplay of other games I’m not gonna do pigs with anymore I don’t think so I might come back but I don’t think I should so I’m gonna please be playing I don’t know what games I should play honestly oh hey Chelle how’s life hey Astro Astro ah.

Tough same boat horrible so oh yeah I wanna give some shoutouts.

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