What’s going on guys car mechanic here and today I’m going to be making a very cool announcement let’s just get into it so one or two months ago I reached 500 subscribers and that was really awesome so thanks again for all your support and I’m just about to come up to 750 subscribers so the announcement I want to.

Make is that we’re doing a deck giveaway so I’ll be giving away one red and one blue bicycle deck and at 750 subscribers we may not have to wait another 20 subscribers or whatever it is I’ll be doing a giveaway at some 50 subscribers and I’ll.

Be doing a shout out to three people on who have been active on my channel and I’m.

Actively uploading videos on their channel because I obviously can’t just send people to your channel if you.

Don’t upload anything yes if you want to sound out me sure done you know be active on my channel.

Be active on your channel be active all around and then you’ll definitely get a shout out top three.
People will definitely get us out out and in terms of the giveaway.

What I was planning is comment below in this video on what changes you’d like to see in the channel or what tricks you’d like to see or whatever you want to.

See more on this channel just leave a comment down below on that with a hashtag giveaway and yeah I’ll enter you in a prize to win two decks so now all that being said I’ll do the random.

Picking the same way I do the random picking last time and if you didn’t see how I did pick the last time for the link in the description to the five or six cover video and on the screen so you can check that out but yeah it’s just very excited to reach be reaching seven hundred and fifty subscribers soon so.

All that being said thank you so much for watching make sure to check out my social media links down in.

The description below from my status updates and I will see you in my next video welcome to the N screen if you liked the video make sure to hit that like button leave a comment down below and.

Subscribe because subscribing is good thanks.


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