Hello Gemini’s and welcome to your love reading for singles for November 2018 I am Lori I’m angels in heaven at spiritual guide Tarot and it’s a pleasure to do your reading first of all I’d like to welcome back my subscribers and my clients much love and light and many blessings to each and every one of you and if.

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And light and many blessings to you as well okay let’s begin first of.

All I’m using the rider-waite tarot it’s pretty self-explanatory so I didn’t have to throw any clarifiers on it.

But I just threw a few extra cards just to see what else can come out of the reading for you.

And it is using the legacy divine Tarot and I.

Also have a beautiful whispers of love oracle card for you okay let’s begin again.

I have been saying it in all my videos venus in retrograde has been playing havoc on everybody’s relationships it’s causing a lot of BS it’s causing a lot.
Of stirrups and I just I want you to peer severe because.

Things are definitely going to change when Venus enters Libra and it’s going to change you’re not going to see things through rose-colored glasses anymore and it’s going to be completely different and hopefully.

Things that are going on okay let’s begin first of all you have harmony after the strain you have been in a relationship and that you.

Walked away from this is transition this is moving on this is going into a clearer picture this is seeing the the the true.

Side of things you’re coming out of the stormy waters and you’re treading into calm waters and you have a clear mind you have clear answers you know where you’re going and you know where you want.

To go you left all the BS everything behind and you’re moving forward in your life you still feel like you have to put up a defense you still feel like you’re on guard for a fight with the nine of Wands this is all your Pierce.

Severe ins this is all your reserves and you pull them all together for a final push you don’t have to any longer you can let your guard down all that turbulence is finally over with you.

Were either involved with an along sign which is an Aries Leo or Sagittarius and somehow things just went kaput you got to remember they’re hot the wild the fiery there are fire sign and they have hot and quick tempers you have very fast-paced movement in your cards I want to tell you that but you’re still trying.

To juggle more than one area of your life you’re out of balance you’re trying to juggle you’re trying to maintain balance you’re doing a great job don’t get me wrong you’re excellent at juggling but you can only do it for so long you have to find balance in your life emotionally and then everything will slow down and you’re not going to have to juggle anymore what’s going to happen is your Pentacles are gonna fall you have to.

Relax and let things unravel naturally and they will you have fast-paced movement in your cards again very quick wands are very fast they’re weeks to a month okay the green grass and the water indicates fall I clarify this card because I’ve read for many clients all over the world and they’re in.

Some of them are in different seasons than myself I read this on my time so.

It is fall right up until December 21st and that’s what I’m in right.

Now is full time this is gonna happen fall okay what is it bringing in well it’s bringing in a cup of course I can’t surprise you so Scorpio in fact the person shows up twice and you read okay can’t surprise.

Ceasar Scorpio it is a hand from God it is a brand-new relationship that is coming in your direction this is commitment this is committed contented love.

This is emotional physical mental spiritual fulfillment your cup is going to be running over with abundance of pure love this is from the hand of God God doesn’t send us our fly-by-nights or one-night stands or people that are going to trash and break all of our hearts no he sends his pure love that is unconditional this is a soulmate that is coming into your life you have the wheel of fortune you’re destined to be together the wheel.

Of fortune talks about how it is the cosmic matchmaker card in the Tarot you’re gonna be meeting this person what seems like a complete chance but in fact it is the wheel of fortune that is bringing the two of you together it is destiny it is fate it is the inevitable faint the wheel of fortune is going to move in your cycle it’s going to go.

In your favor and it’s going to bring in abundance to you you have the knight of Pentacles the knight of Pentacles is all about your efficiency all your hardwork all your responsibilities all your strive and being practical and all your.

Ambition and desire and diligence is going to pay off to you and it’s going to bring success you have the two of Wands the two of Wands is looking out on the horizon it’s making decisions it’s making important changes in your life it’s planning and you’re looking out and you want more and more is.

Going to come to you just have to be open to it and be receptive because it’s going to bring so much harmony and so much success to you but be open.

To it you have the Sun card the Sun is a beautiful card to have the Sun speaks of falling in love like love at first sight or falling in love for the first.

Time just like it was the very first time this is what it’s going to be like with this new person that comes into your life you’re going to be from different places in different environments this is the star is here to reassure.

Who gets what you are is going to come into your life this is the time of surprise this means that you’re creating a dream that’s going to give you emotional fulfillment the star enters our lives to help us become more confident and more interesting all the time and effort that you have vested in yourself is going to pay off this person is going to adore you.

With a pure genuine heart again it’s a cancer Pisces or Scorpio now this is a general reading okay it may not resonate with everybody again.

You have the strength card this is all your inner strength all your inner courage all your inner wisdom and it’s all gonna rise up to the forefront and it’s all gonna come out and it’s gonna help you to move forward so you can embrace this new beginning that is coming into your life this new relationship that is very positive that’s going to be very.

To be kind of contented and it’s bringing a lot of great things to you this is your inner courage in your wisdom inner strength that’s going to help you to move forward to be reciprocated to this new person that is coming in.

You have the wheel of fortune again the cosmic matchmaker.

Card the wheel is turning in your favor it’s bringing both of you together it’s the inevitable fate.

It is destiny the divine is at work in your life right now collaborating making you to come together appreciate this moment each and every situation has an opportunity to grow and find true love absolutely appreciate this moment things are going to happen things are going to happen very quickly appreciate it it’s bringing opportunities to.

Grow and define pure honest dedicated love I hope you enjoyed this reading if you would like a more in-depth reading I would love to do one for you I have a special going on for the remainder of the fall just send me an email and I will send you all my information again don’t forget to share like and subscribe and leave your comments I love reading your comments as it means so much to me much love and light and many blessings.

To each and every one of you and I will.

See you again in December good bye for now you.

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