Okay so now that we got kind that bridge from yesterday till today we’re gonna start shifting more and more into stories so I got one other thing I want to share first before we kind of go into story structure and this is something that the first time we all met and talked about this kind of stuff last summer.

We ended up a thousand make a ten minute session and I’m taking three hours but I think.
We kind of figured it out so this comes back to a.

Concept that I call in the book and I call a lot of places called the one thing or the big dominum okay and so a couple of stories that kind of set this up so it makes sense when I was talking to Perri Beltran I were having a conversation one late night he had a little bit’s drink which is makes it way easier.

To get like all the good stuff and people right and I’m you know the Mormon dude who doesn’t drink so I’m like acting like oh yeah everyone’s drunk and they share all the best stuff then right the big benefit of like hanging out.

After hours when you don’t drink so I’m listening all this stuff I’m getting all these things right and I’m asking Perry and I’m like so late because he’s one of the best copywriters I’ve ever met and I was like what what other things you’re learning what’s what have you figured out he’s the biggest thing that we’ve learned this is Perry his company but also like digital.
Marketers ahold of everything is just you said the.

Biggest we found with all the offers we’ve ever created and anytime our message tried to convince them of more than one thing they bombed you said if we’re trying even some in some two things or three things like they always didn’t work it said the ones that all the blockbuster wins the only thing we were trying to do is get them to believe one thing through the sales message if we had a that.

One consistent was that it’s one thing and I start looking and I was looking at.

A lot of my things I was trying to sell the time like I’m trying to get some of this on this and then trying to miss him with all these different things and soon as you do that like it.

Waters it down and just it stops sales instantly and I heard that like god that’s really really cool and then.

A couple months later I was another event and Tim Ferriss was on stage talking and he this whole thing and either here seen Tim speak in person he’s a great writer like he’s.
So boring like as a speaker I got just like aha and I was kind.

Of like anyway it’s kind of painful to sit there to be completely honest and the end of it like you do Q&A and I was like listening in and some lady came up and she’s like I have a question for you Tim like what is your normal day look like I was like that’s actually a really cool question I was really excited to hear the answer to.

Right and so he’s like okay well he’s like I’ve actually a bunch of people who have asked me if they could I come and film a day in the life of Tim Ferriss and see what I do he’s like Mike.

Ketone no because if you saw what I actually did every day it’s like insanely.
Say I wake up in the morning I.

Drink some coffee then like I’ll read a book and I think for a while and I meditate and then I go get my blood drawn and I go back and think some more and I meditate and then he said I’ll be that for three or four or five weeks at a time before I do anything and.

He’s like what most people do is they wake every morning either to try a thousand things they’re going through everything and try and talk.

Near knock down all these different to do’s and.

Get him all done he’s like my philosophy is I want to sit there and I want to think for a long time and.

Figure what’s the one big Domino that if I knock that Domino down you knocks down all the other dominoes and makes him irrelevant and that’s there’s no me lessons Mike a personal development like a structuring but I was thing about from.

A sales standpoint how similar is well like I can go try him in some a thousand four things but what if there was one thing if I could convince you of this one thing that it is the big Domino it automatically knocks everything else down it makes any other concerns or objections or anything else you have an.

Relevant or it makes me just disappear like what is that one thing so every sales message to work crazy I’m like what is what’s the one thing if I can figure out that.

One thing then what’s the one big Domino if we figure that out everything.

Else disappears and so that’s kind of and when you come we go deep in the perfect webinar you’ll see that it’s all based on this like the perfect webinars not convincing you like one thing in three of them secretly three secrets are all like everything is to knock down the one thing that’s the one big Domino and so.

Like that’s we got to figure out in every single thing so I started going through this oh Michael how do we because in theory that’s.

It’s easy right okay cool I need a one thing but to actually figure that out it’s a little more difficult and so last summer when we were talking about this you.

Guys remember around the whiteboard we were going through like 20 different variations trying to figure it out and finally we got things to fit into this sentence and this is the big Domino sentence so it says.

If I can make them believe that my new opportunity is the key to what they desire most and it’s only attainable through my specific vehicle then all other objections and concerns become.

Irrelevant and they have to give me money okay so that’s the best of structure of the framework and I make a new offer a new probably whatever it is I’m trying to fit it into that if I can fit it into that then I’m like this is me homerun I have no doubt like this is going to be this is gonna be perfect okay so a couple.

Examples to kind of show how this work.

So in my company like if I can I can believe that funnels is key to their online business success.

Through click funnels that all other objections and concerns become irrelevant they have to give me money if I can honestly convince you that the only way.

To be successful is with the funnel and it.

Click funnels the only way you can get a funnel you can guys are like well do you want to be successful you have to have it oh well that’s technical well.

It’s the only way to do it you have to like do.

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