You have good morning I’m gonna be showing you how to use on the MC and impose data and I’m gonna be doing this very fast not really very classy gets when it’s done by just gonna rush off first of all I’m gonna show you how to how to subscribe to it it does a 3/4 for Porsche the network.

Is kinda bad seriously but I really gotta walk this room um when you oh my god okay when it comes on you’ll use one some agreed to impose because before you can be able to do this.

You have to be eligible for impose use increasing to impose from whatever plan you are right now so you you know you used to you used to.

Two by Delta Y dot 0 we have the internal fifty which was fifteen arrow and 11.2 heat which was 115 air is kind of cool you said there were no more of 1000:1 geek you use one thousand coming late at least on this get like five Cs geek you know you get a download whatever you wanna don’t.

Know just how much cheaper swords and this chick is in the last year January 2019 that’s how it is so what you gonna need for this is the SP side point of this application and the configuration part the exercise under the configuration file download link is below the video and also tended subscribe and like the video you understand so we’re.

Going to it now into how to do it first of all before you go into that you first of all all open your ass decipher know.
You’ve already corrected that you open your SP siphon you look at.

Your configuration file wherever I dropped it just find it immediately you gotta need it yeah start as you can scroll down put my hair imported successfully so what you can do is you know if you turn on your.

But she doesn’t have to be gone for it before you connect you click on connect you yeah disconnect the network case just.

To slow sorry for the delay so I just connected now you can you can browse and can do worry about anyone do anything just tell me see.

From what sir that is holidays you know you can updated browser and she just loved everything good boy this life fight this thank you.

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