Hey everyone Jason here aspiring entrepreneur and today we are putting to rest all of those builder all questions that I’ve been getting in the comments I’ve been trying my best to kind of put this off but I think it’s a long time overdue so we’re gonna change things up a bit walk it downstairs to one of the conference.

Rooms try a yellow board and really put to rest all of the Builder all and just general landing page software as-a-service and funnel page builder questions that I’ve been.

Getting in the comments on a lot of the review videos so I just wanted to kind of make this video for everyone and just kind of.

Put tourettes the differences between a hosted solution or software as a service like builder all and a wordpress site like optimize press or thrive themes so I want to do two things.

In this video number one I want to distill down the only two key differences between a SAS application like builder all by the way you can fill in the blank with whatever software you were thinking of I’m just gonna use builder all for this example and so distill down the two differences between builder all and WordPress or optimize press or thrive themes and then explain why with a silly car example why.

I think this is the way to go so kicking things off with the main two differences between these two is speed and control speed there’s two elements to this number one speed of the page loading because the.

Pages that you build for your sales funnel with a software-as-a-service application are going to be significantly faster than those with a wordpress site so hands down out of the box this.
Is going to be faster this is going to be.

Much better load times on your sales pages in your landing pages which is really important when you’re driving cold traffic I’m not going to gloss over that that’s very important speed number two.

Element number two has to do with speed of implementation because these software-as-a-service things like build are all allow you to put together your entire sales funnel and.

Marketing process relatively quickly in fact extremely quickly much more much more efficient than what you would see when you’re putting together WordPress for the first time key is the first time and what most people don’t.

Know is that everything that you see here all of the complexity the different things you can do with your funnels and your landing.

Pages you can do with WordPress so when it comes to feature sets there’s nothing that the SAS application can do that WordPress can’t do and vice.

Versa so these two in terms of features and and flexibility pretty much the same if you’re looking to just purchase SAS applications that do everything for you versus a WordPress site I would actually go and say a WordPress site is even more flexible because you can easily add multiple themes and plugins but just for simplicity sake you can build your entire sales funnel with both of them so it’s it’s it’s the same in terms of feature set the main difference is speed the to speed factors.

That I just talked about speed of pages and speed of learning and control because.
WordPress you control this entire process and by the way if you’re want.

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