You know what’s up guys it’s Georgie and today I’m gonna be taking you through how I mix my beats so here I’ve just got a quick beat I made nothing too crazy just for like demonstration purposes and basically I’m gonna go through the process of just mixing this step by step and go through like what I think are.

The most important parts to get a good mix so I’ll just play it what it sounds like right now I haven’t mixed it yet or done anything to it so this.

Is what it sounds like right now so yeah nothing too crazy so the very first thing is for sound selection so when you’re actually making the beat a sound selection is super important because well first of all if you have too many sounds inside of your beat like especially for like melodies then it’s gonna be really difficult to mix to make each part stand out and overall it’s going to sound like super muddy so.

This is just along with the whole thing we’re like you know simple beats are the best because and one of the reasons of course is that it’s easier to mix than when you have like really complicated beats it’s like tons of parts so I always keep trying to keep my beats really.

Simple at most maybe like 4 different since but generally like even just two is enough if you know how.

Like structure it well and arrange it so it doesn’t get too monotonous so yeah so and also when you’re picking the different scents and stuff make sure they’re all like.

So what I mean by that is like for example this first sound is just a piano and this next sound is just like an ambient pad so it occupies like different frequencies from the piano just to make it sound like more ambient and Spacey so if you just keep things like that in mind when.

You’re choosing the sounds that you want to use inside of your reeds that’ll make the process of mixing all easier for you and just help each.

Part kind of stand out have its own role in the whole overall product so yeah so other than that then for the drums I just make sure you have good samples pretty much cuz if you.

If it doesn’t sound already good like before it’s mixed like if the kick sounds off or something it doesn’t go out with the 808 then chances are that mixing is probably.

Not going to fix it so make sure you have like the most important thing of course is.
The kick and hey wait make sure you have a kick and 808 that.

Work well together before you actually get into the mixing because that’ll make it a whole lot easier and it’s just really hard to make a bad kick or just a kick that doesn’t work well with the 808 work inside of mixing if it doesn’t work before so yeah sound selection is also important there so yeah alright so now let’s get into.

Actually mixing this so I’ve just brought everything down to zero so the first thing I always start with is the kick in the.

808 and just the rest of the drums after that and this just helps me get like a good foundation for the beat I can build all the other elements around so it’s a good place to start and also an important thing when leveling is level at like a low volume or like what I do is I raise the volume on my computer and then that way when I start leveling the volumes will all be like down here but I’ll still be able to of course hear them because.

I’ve raised the volume and that way what allow you to do is have Headroom so that when you’re finished with mixing you can just raise the volume on the master and I also add this glue compressor inside of Ableton and basically that just allows me to get.

Like make everything kind of like glue together and just sound more punchy especially the kick and eight weight that really helps a lot with the kick like punching is so I would recommend to do that that way you just always have Headroom so I’m just going to start with the kick for now I’m going to move on to the actual sense in this beat.

And so the first thing I’m going to put in is this pad because it’s kind of like an ambient background sound and what I’ve done here is I’ve already done this and I just did this during when.

I was actually making the beat just kind of thinking two steps ahead I just put an EQ on this and filter it out some of the lows as you can hear some of the lows in here are really Basie so that’s just going to interfere with the 808 make the 808 not stand out as much so EQ mean is super important because especially for like your sounds.

Because allow you to make a room for the other elements within your beat so yeah and you can also EQ the drums of course one thing I’ve tried to do more recently is where is it I just have this preset I just made which is just increasing some of the highs and I’ll just put that on like the high hat clap and that.

Just helps to make the drum sound a bit crispy so that’s another thing you can do with EQ mean and in general I would just recommend to mess around with all of.

The audio effects within your dock as a lot of them can just give cool different effects or.

Just make everything sound punch your crispy or whatever kind of effect you need so i’d recommend just taking some time to experiment with those so yeah let me get back to this synth.

That i’m mixing here all right so yeah that’s gonna pretty much sum up the leveling part of this I think the levels are pretty good right now last thing I’m going to do is just on the master put this loudness.

Preset I made just with the glue compressor and then on top of that I’m also gonna put a utility or rather behind that because right now without the kick it’s peaking at around negative 6 dB so.

I just want to increase it a bit because this right here just increases the volume of everything below 3 decibels so right now there’s pretty much nothing hitting 3 decibels at least without.

The kick so I’m just going to increase the gain a bit that way this will be more impactful on the mix and of course just to make it louder also I’m going to tweak with the dry/wet knob and on.

Pretty much all effects OU’s will have this and this is just good so that you’re not using too much of the effect and so you can mix this.

With some of the original in this case uncompressed audio so I just put it you’d be like 80 percenter so that isn’t super compressed on.

The master alright so as you guys can hear this mix is pretty much a done it was very basic just leveling some eqe on the since on this scent.

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