Hey I’m garyun welcome to my outdoors channel in this video this is about setting up my GoPro cameras and so forth on my kayak and some of the trials and errors that I went through in order to try and get this set up so it works really well so far this is what I’ve accomplished and this is the.

End of the season here in 2018 so next year I’ll probably discover some more things and they’ve got two cameras featured in this one which is one camera so.

It’s forward of me the camera that sits as a boom off to the side of me and I can get a lot of different shots off at that you know I’ve had it also since then I’ve added a third GoPro camera that I’ll probably wear on my hat or something to give another view from my seated position anyway so stay tuned here I’ll show you what the setups I did hear some of the trials and errors that I went through and hopefully.
This will help you if you’re gonna set.

Up to record some videos of your own so I’ll show you how I do this okay so what I’m gonna do here is to figure out where I want to mount this mount for my GoPro camera and so what’s within reach of me so I’m gonna sit down here and see what my reach is curious to get in okay so I’ll be sitting in my kayak like this hey I like this seat this.

Is pretty good so this is going to be my front camera and I want it so it’s within reach that I can reach it and operate the buttons and so forth so right about there make a mark with a carpenter’s pencil so I don’t leave too much of an ugly mark there that’s going to work and then with some of the.

Adjustments I’ve got on this even though that’s out of tilt and so forth I can tilt this camera it’s access and so forth to get a good level shot also I may get something where it just ends it up a little bit so it’s a little bit higher I’ll see how it goes and how the shots come in they say having a.

Camera about an arm length away from you there’s a pretty good deal with these GoPros all right so that’s what I’m gonna work on mounting there all right yeah I notice in these videos when I’m standing here behind this thing makes me look small in the kayak big and other times the kayak looks small by comparison the tricks of photography I guess.

I’m using a wide-angle lens so that kind of changes the relationship of things sometimes anyways I get this on top of my table saw in my shot so raises.

It up quarter ways makes me look short and but it’s good for getting the work done that I need what’s that a really good level for me to work on it anyways what I’m doing here is I’m doing a couple of modifications to put two camera mounts on this kayak I have not had any cameras on here before out of them my smartphone.

Yeah that’s always been a handheld kind of deal so what I got here is some Scotty tracks as shown previously I marked a spot here to determine where I want to mount this track at and then all the hardware that goes with us to put this.
Track on here and get this camera to.

Work and this is B it’s kind of like a ball joint here or I can get this adjusted a lot of good positions and then just tighten it down.

So basically all I got to do is Mount the Scottie track on here which is a bunch of holes in this plate and I’ll be putting that on with some pop rivets the ones that are.

Made for sealing and water so they got kind of a.

To them then on this other side here I’m going to put like a boom arm that I saw on kayak hacks where.

Put on you made a boom arm out of some PVC and it swings around and gives you a really wide view of.

Stuff so I’ll show you how I do that also here I’m going to work on attaching the Scottie mountain track.

At this mark that I made in a previous clip so I can have you know a certain reach and I had positioned that so that this would slide in you can go up to here to.
This point and be with it on arm’s reach for me now I can also go back.

Here several inches if I need to gain more of a distance away and that’s the advantage of having these County tracks is or any of these kind of tracks is that you can gain that advantage and adjustability so that you can get a better viewing option with your camera so I’m gonna go ahead and get this attached down.
Here with some pop rivets that are watertight and get moving in with.

The rest and another note I wanted to make is how when I do all of this I try and set all my accessories into position so that I can test and see that none of them are going to interfere with each other and cause any problems otherwise shots a big mistake after fix and then also I don’t want any of these things to be in the way of my paddling what I’m paddling around the lake so always things to consider and think ahead of time like they say in the Army the.

Five P’s prior planning prevents poor performance so check it out before you do it before you make the commitment.

Drilling holes so you know that everything’s gonna work together sometimes I like to kind of take it through some of my thought processes here and how and why I do things and perhaps that’ll help you when you’re doing things how to try and think forward a little bit for what you’re doing and what the consequences are going to be now I took.

A look at this track here for the front and GoPro that I’m gonna mount here this track is like seven inches long.

And I’ve got another track that’s 11 inches long now I’m going to use for mounting that boom arm back over in this side which I’ll be showing you later and I thought you know what that boom arm really doesn’t have to move back and forth that all much it’s gonna be pretty stationary I mean probably even a 1 inch track will be sufficient for that so.

I’m gonna do is check out perhaps mounting this shorter one back there and it’s longer one perhaps up front here to give me a longer reach that I can use for adjusting my camera and so forth so the holes on these.

To line up perfectly together so I’m gonna do.

Is do the four holes on the shorter track and that’ll fit.

This and I can position us in here temporarily with a couple of screws to hold it in place and I can test the effect that I’m.

Gonna get from my camera being able to adjust to these different lengths so well basically I’ll do that testing perhaps I’ll get some video clips of it and then in the end I’ll show you how I get this all attached in which one I go with what I did has I marked out for making four holes here based on the Scottie track on the gunwale.

Here and I lined up the longest one to make sure I get it kind of centered on the gunwale here and then I marked out to the four holes to this length because that’s gonna be the length of this one so those holes will line up to.

That point so I did these four holes here now what I’ll do is drill these out to a 3/16 inch because that’s the size I need for doing the pop rivets and then what I will do is to hold these temporarily in place while.

I’m kind of testing out this fit I’ve got.

These number 10 screws I’m going to use for holding these in place as I do my testing once I’m satisfied with which length of track I want to use then I’ll make all the rest.

Of the holes and put the pop rivet in knife Center punched the center of my holes here to keep my drill bit on track so.

You don’t send a punch things whether it’s on a soft material a hard material your drill bits gonna kind of wander a bit on you.

And that’s then you’re not gonna be right on get my drill bit on there all right I’m gonna check it out with this short track first and.

Length and focal length I get out of my camera with just the short track so I’ll put these screws in hold it temporarily in place my screwdriver.

Here let’s just screw that in alright so I’m gonna cut and take some of my stuff out of here lighting it.

Up so I can set it down on the ground and I can sit on it and then do my testing with the camera okay I’ve got my GoPro mounted.

On this front part here and at the forward position on the short track and I’ll see what kind of a focal range I get where the knot I fit entirely into the image or not.

Actually I’ve got the setting for linear so it’s not gonna be as wide of an angle now I will move it back and see what kind of focal I get from there okay now I’ve got it as far back as it goes and see what kind of a focal range I get on this one and then I’ll.

Try the longer track so get even further back see what kind of how much I get into the image and so forth I won’t know until I put this in the computer and see what the video looks like this will probably be shorter shot for me to do I got the GoPro on the 12 inch track or the 11 inch track and it’s all the way back.

And I should get a much bigger better view out of this let me try and.

It’s a little bit wider than linear see how that looks okay so now I’ve changed the GoPro.

Camera from a linear view to mediums you a little bit wider than linear but not it’s got two more steps up where you.

Can go really wide really be like a call them fish lines or something but I’ll see how this works out if this distance back I think this is the one that’s probably gonna work best the other one unless I go to the medium or a wider lens I think this.

One’s gonna get me more in the view better and then that other one over here for that boom that’s gonna come around alright let’s see how this one looks what I learned in the previous video with the GoPro checking out my positions with that and everything that it angles up at me regardless.

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