All right guys so I’m gonna be making another Aliexpress haul for you guys on part 2 of accessories but before I got started I just want to show you two organizational things that I have for my jewelry so right here is a nine piece set it’s supposed as you can see one and two are missing off the wall.

It’s supposed to be the one two three pieces like on the bottom one but those two fell off because as you can see the back of it is just this sticky.

And it honestly did not hold up very well when you put all the weight so I’m in the process of putting command hooks on the back like this but yeah as you can see I need to put right there but yeah I got this I guess end you guys link it holds a lot of jewelry and it helps me organize all my stuff also I got this one right here I have two of them and just for like rings but I put all my.

Studs in it so yes my channel and today like I said in the beginning of this video I’m gonna be doing the second.

Part to my Aliexpress all on jewelry now everything that I have to show you guys is under five dollars um a lot of things are actually.

Under like three except for two items I believe so we’re just.

Gonna get right into it so one of my favorite things here are these hoop earrings I had gotten the first haul of all the jewelry that I got but unfortunately they did change colors very quickly they tarnished pretty quick but I did wear them like a lot so as you can see they are turning.

Have this so I picked this up today from Dollar General and it’s just rust-oleum painters it’s just any clear gloss and since as fast drying so I just tried this out today I’ll let you.

Guys know but what I’m gonna start doing is Right my Aliexpress stuff jewelry gets here I’m just gonna spray it right away with this before I wear it so I have a couple things down there that I spray painted I’m so far like for example I spray painted this that I got but I.

Had a little bit I wore like two or three times before it tarnished but just it’s not too bad yet so I’ll let you guys know how this spray paint idea works out I used to use clear nail polish for my rings so but I just think this would be quicker and.

You get into all of the little nooks and crannies a lot better so here’s one this is supposed to be like a little choker and then it came with a longer cross with it but my wavering took that and I of course don’t know where he put it but this is this.

I believe they’ve set together was like no more than two dollars so.

That’s the first thing but back to the earrings breaking at them right when I when they get here and here are the silver ones I haven’t worn them yet so they’re still perfect um I’m gonna go ahead and spray paint these right after this video but again I just love these ones because they’re indented into the metal okay so then let’s see majority of things I have to show you guys are earrings because.

I like hoard earrings as you saw in the little organizer thing the next thing I have is this a rosary chain that I got it’s just on a chain and it’s little pearls and.

Little roses all about it which i thought was really cute and sorry for the background.

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