Okay so we’re gonna remove this kind of an aluminum shelf this part here that was where the generator alternator was that it was squeezing between that thing there are screws underneath I’m gonna show you with a flashlight that’s true folks there’s two bolts in order to free that thing one is right here you can see it it’s right.

There right there and the other one is right there so that should make some room the goal.
Is to we’re gonna have to tie it up to the body because it’s.

Car we will try to figure out how to free it and this one as well as gonna stay around these are the two boats that I was showing which is this one here at the bottom the other one that is there but there’s a third one hard to see it’s it’s right there yeah we can see right there so it’s.

At the end of this where’s the where’s the light there this is the shelf shall I just remove this is the bracket here that holds the alternator and this is the flange where it gets fixed to the that’s that that hand here.

That gets fixed make some more sense a bit less spaghetti mess up of the wire this is a knock sensors there’s one here one there.

On the if you follow the water it connects underneath that block here the block that wasn’t really the throttle body so connector is right here I don’t want to release them from I don’t want to unscrew them from the engine so I’m just gonna unplug this thing here also there’s this connector here that goes to the high pressure air fuel pump this is gonna be removed this.

Connector here as well this is going to be removed also there’s a bracket here you.

Still bracket that holds two of the wire that I’m not gonna try to walk I gotta try some.
Pinch it very gentle if it’s gonna be trouble in potential I’m just.

Gonna unscrew it bracket I don’t see us from here so this is what I’m doing to try to take.

All of these wire spaghetti and the other side of.

The engine this is the high pressure so this is the eye pressure up.

Got the vacuum pump right here this bracket I was talking about I’m not gonna try to release the wire from it there’s also this there’s also one at the bottom which is the there is also here the close for the fuel line supply so we turn the difficulty on through that thing just to release the bracket also we maybe will have to release the fuel hose from it because I wanna swing all the wiring.

The other side so that’s what I’ll do release that in here unscrew the bracket to release the fuel from the engine this is the blue ring here that needs to be pushed that way work it back that way that’s gonna free the host and that should allow us to take this out of this part here I’m gonna seal the.
End of that of both and I’ve in fact both of them I’m gonna wipe the.

Dirt out of that one and I’m gonna wipe the word out of that one I’m gonna put this apply a ziplock bags plastic the thick one with tie wraps to both hand to seal the fuel line from getting any dirt going into it that’s the bracket that’s the first thing I did when I look at these looks like they’re gonna break if I’m gonna try to take that.

Out and when I look at the clip that holds the fuel line if you put a screwdriver here where the hose that’s going to free it from the hose it’s just like a c-clamp or something.

So that’s this is how I did it in the end so just remove the.

Boat from the bracket here and just behind when the connectors are hard to get.

Try to see how there is one of these that you can see that needs to be open gently a bit with a flat screwdriver and that’s gonna free the connector yeah so this is how the connector was a bit hard to get so pulling it a bit toward the forward of the car by the water gently as you work with the screwdriver worked well there’s another one that prevents us from removing all the water.

That it said the one that I could do this one that was connected to the side of the by the throttle body remember that the.

Rigid hose on the back here underneath there is a connector it’s one with these still warrior that you just push and pull it’s a bit stuck I’m going to need that that should make all the wire said now.

Is removed from that area remaining.

If you’ll line there and then I’m gonna be back on the power serene project as now it’s a bit easier for to look at it because it’s less of a spaghetti wrong plug the fuel fuel votes squeeze it behind this throttle body use that to squeeze it plug.

Then squeeze it’s gonna remain clean during the process plug also the hose in that for the high pressure pump so this is done here now truly I gotta go to this tying up the AC compressor frame squeeze the AC compressor a bit higher with a two-by-four.

Order to be able to access my first set in between the vacuum hose and the high-pressure fuel line the the power-steering is picked up on that side here I’ll try to show you.

Oh it’s up there’s a screw right.

There it’s right here there’s a bracket at the end of it okay the bracket bolt is really at the tip here.

It’s hard to see I’ll try to show you from that that’s the bracket you see this metal piece the power steering pump is this thing here you got a bracket here that goes on the rear hand so power single pump is Trude from.

Front to rear on it like that and there’s crew to fix it to the body is on that side here so that’s the one right here also you got two up front if you go up front underneath it’s gonna be easy there’s one here the.

Other one is right under the food here I’m trying to show you well actually you can see them both here one.

Here right here so these are the two up front and you got the other one on the side to mention something about these are Torx screw with a head.

Like that these sockets that we use there’s some kind of magic with that you’re gonna try to sock it and you think that’s the best fit you can have here and try always one smaller sometimes you’ll be surprised to see it’s gonna fit and that is probably gonna help you to strip one.

Of those so always try to get a smaller socket on all of those make sure that the large once the pump is free I just tie it up here you can put a rope here all the way down and it’s coming at the bottom here so I wrapped around here around the.

Casing making sure I’m not pinching in the holes around with the ropes.

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