All right so I wanted to get an action camera I wanted to get a GoPro but you know I didn’t want to spend the money on them so I went ahead and purchased this a Cassell 4k camera action camera really it’s pretty pretty darn awesome it’s it’s just like getting the other competitors one the GoPro got a way.

Better price so it comes with all the.

Plans of accessories anything again we’re gonna need to do for whatever you want all kinds of different size brackets and mounts clips bands of construction or you.

Can clip them wrapping around anything comes with this cool remote to you can activate it putting a wrist activate and turn it on and off your camera take pictures.

Waterproof case now I mean just I’m super impressed with everything this thing comes with like I mean I don’t know I wasn’t expecting all that but I’ll just go through a few.

Things you definitely to get an SD card it doesn’t come with an SD card so I go in ahead and got a 32 gigabyte class 10.

They’re like 12 bucks so they’re not too bad there’s the camera up and down buttons right there.

Scroll through your menus screen this thing is Wi-Fi it will work with an app on your phone mini HD HDMI is there’s where your SD card goes in it just clicks right in so there comes out there’s the card it I purchased just so you can focus on that scan disk slipping in push them together click click done someone to turn on right here your light up blue light comes on comes up there you go first screen is gonna come up is your video screen so.
Just to record you just hit OK and I’ll tell you.

It’s starting video it’ll record hit OK again video stopped this front button here is.

What you used to scroll through two different modes and you’re gonna go video right there hit it that’s pictures used to put okay takes your picture hit it again you can.

Play back your videos and look at your pictures hit it again this is your screen where you can scroll down through all your options I’m not going to go through them all.

Because there’s like 34 but it’s got all mean it’s got tons of different stuff motion detection is set up to record went into text motion time-lapse I mean this thing’s really impressive I gotta say I’m super glad I got this like I said there’s tons.

Of different menus that’s that’s the last menu right here format you can do all kinds of stuff here thrown off to be your Wi-Fi can be turned on and off yeah like I said this thing’s super super nice camera and for the money I mean you can’t even beat it to get out of there you just push.

That front mode button again and now you’re ready to record handle is nothing bad about it record is great quality is good it’s 4k pretty awesome so hope you like this video helps you out.

Make a good decision save yourself money it makes a great Christmas.

Gift alright thanks guys bye..

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