Everybody’s so today’s video I’m actually not going to be in the frame but I’m gonna be showing you guys my first attempt and first impressions on the acrylic try me kit and this kit is by all seasoned professionals so ASP acrylic try me kit so first of all let’s talk about what you’re going to need so the things.

That come in the kit are three different types of acrylic powder an acrylic bonding liquid a dehydrator and a primer patent these are oh and the acrylic brush these.
Be using and then aside from that I have some.

Nail clippers and I’m a buffer I am.

And some nail polish remover just an acquaintance and you’re going to.

Taking a Polish Alfred you okay.

So as you can see my acrylic nails are actually pretty long so I’m going to attempt to cut them down a little bit and I don’t have a professional acrylic clipper I’m literally using a pair of very small nail clippers and.

I’m joins with really slowly and carefully trying my best to cut them down you hmm.

Really I think I’ve seen this now that I buffered the nails the next step is to.

Take the dehydrator and apply two coats and since I’m doing a fill I’m only going to be applying into the new area of my real nail but if you have a bear now and you’re doing this you apply the divider into the entire nail now I’m going to.

Apply the second coat of the dehydrate you next is optional you can.

Prime your nails with the primer that comes with the kit you don’t have to.

Do this but I’m gonna do it just because now I’m going to be using the white acrylic powder that came with it because I don’t want to waste the clear or the pink because the clear and the pink are good to use when you’re doing an.

Acrylic tip oh yeah when you’re doing a French tip because then it’s a nice instead of looking cloudy like these it’s clear and then the white tip so I’m going to be using the white powder.

The white liquid and the brush that came in this is what the first hand looks like when it’s done.

I’m assuming that I can just buff I’m assuming that I could just kind of buff out the acrylic when I’m done to make it smooth I painted my thumb now just to see if it was smooth enough so I’m just going to continue to paint my nails okay.

Everybody I’m completely finished with my nails I let them dry and then I washed my hands and.

This is what the writing handle looks like and this is what the left hand.

Looks like now I know that they.

Are definitely nowhere near perfect but since this was my first time doing acrylic nails on myself I think I did a really really really good job oh man you see you can see a little bit right there of the dent but for the most part I think that I did it really really well like you can see you can’t really see where the fill was it looks like they’re.

Brand new acrylic nails I think the only thing I’ll have to do better next time it’s kind of cleaning up around the cuticles and being a little bit more careful so yeah I did want them this short because I wanted to be able to wait a long time before I had to get them filled again I’m probably going to do.

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