I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all on the old formal surrender there’s a silence and we’re under thinking of said he’s here they don’t say clearly you were always like and clearly for a year let’s.

See there’s a platinum silence they are fearful presence it is 50 years since we were on the old man he migrated internal heart enlightened funny this was in the same old bonnet with the same blue label on it in the old day.
By inside but he drove her up to overthrow the same old heels of.

Plumbers to become his army rise refer to Us Weekly No please do your part to conserve earth’s resources by putting your plastic bottles in the blue recycling containers throughout.

The building instead of time good morning geneva.

Today is Friday November 9 2008 teen softball open gym times have changed on Monday and Wednesday for.
The next couple of weeks – 7 to 9 p.
in the Ox tomb please make sure you have a current physical on file there’ll be a sophomore and freshman class meeting after school on.

Monday November 12 and room 108 to discuss the upcoming bake sale all sophomores and.

Freshmen are encouraged to come hope to see you there starting immediately those of you who serve detentions will now report to room 201 madama Connors please bring something to do and be prompt as it starts at 2:10 the mr.
Geneva pageant applications must be turned in today November 9th it will now.

Be open to all grades 9 through 12 this is a fun and new event to showcase newest best and brightest boys if you would.

Like an application see Natalie Frank junior seniors and seniors are you graduation ready retakes for the end of the course exams will begin December 3rd you will need 18 points to graduate if you are scheduled for any retakes a counselor will be meeting with you in the next.

Two weeks any sophomore that scored a one or two that would like to retest please stop and guidance office to sign up for texting English 1 & 2 will be December 3rd algebra 1 and geometry December 4th American history American government and biology December 5th makeups will be December 6th and 7th attention wrestlers the first practice is today Friday after school until 5:00 I’m a fantastic.

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