Tonight’s Wars we have had some changes on game times 59 tomorrow night both nights the game will be at home tonight is a varsity game only against the in Catholic Lady Cardinals at 6:30 and on Saturday at 6:30 p. the junior varsity will play the Arcanum lady Trojans for two quarters then following after at 7:15 the varsity will.

Face off with the Randolph Southern Lady Rebels come out and support your Lady Indians this has been it for long sports have a great day and a great weekend and cut today is November 9 on this day back in 1620 the Mayflower finally spots land in the new world at what is now Cape.

Cod after about two months at sea in 1888 Jack the Ripper’s fifth and probably last victim Mary Jane Kelly is found on her bed.

No one was ever charged for the Ripper murders the first airplane flight lasting more than five minutes took place on this day back in 1904 in 1961 a rocket plane known as the x-15.

Achieved a world record speed of 4,000 93 miles per hour and reached an altitude of 100 and 1,600 feet or 19 miles West Cravens horror flick and Nightmare on Elm Street premieres in 1984 Mary many lame sequels would follow all this.

Happened on this day in history November 9th November is national pepper month there are hundreds of different ways to enjoy these healthy and appetizing fruits that’s right boys and girls peppers are a fruit because of.

The seeds that they contain although therefore they can be enjoyed in both sweet and salty meals and are incredible credibly healthy for you did you know there are fifty thousand varieties of different types of peppers in the world in that the hottest pepper is the ghost pepper or ghost Chili Peppers range in many different colors such as red green orange yellow white and purple so.

Maybe you could celebrate this month by trying a few different types see you next month to inform.

You on the National celebration guess TV without you is your happy birthday to Malachi Levesque hey kiddos it’s lunch man back again and I hope you’re prepared for some calories Monday we gon be eatin on some.
Boneless chicken wings that’s.

Right ladies and gentlemen grilled chicken sandwich Tim.

Good old glazed carrots salad with that sweet ranch strawberry cookie that actually sounds pretty good applesauce and milk fluids oh man that’s some quality nutrition man that’s all for today have yourselves a scrumptious.
Weekend Winchester people Freaky Friday here with mr.
Lynch in the sixth grade class I’ve got a demonstration that it’s kind of interesting I saw this on YouTube and I’m gonna try to recreate it it’s one.

That’s gonna use your scientific deductive reasoning and you’re gonna try to predict what you think is gonna happen if you take.

Long candle and this candles have been balanced right in the center I have a pin put in between it and it’s bounced on two flasks I’m gonna like each end of this candle we’re gonna observe it for just a little while I’ll let you two predict what you think is going to happen after it burns on both ends of the candle for a little while we’ll pause the tape and then we’ll bring it back a few minutes later.

And see if your predictions right okay we’ll start watching here I’m gonna light the candle on this end I’m.

Going to light the candle on this in and again if you ever using fire you need to make sure to have protective eyewear or goggles or glasses of some kind like these and get pair of permission so we’ve got the candle burning on both ends I’ve got a little drip catcher down here and on this end too and see if you can predict what you think is going to happen with this candle in about four or five minutes we’ll just watch it for a little bit and we’re.

Not going to say much of anything but I do want you to predict to see if you think you know what’s gonna happen okay and we’re gonna take a break right about now okay guys take a look at the handle now as it burns on both ends it burns a little bit more wax on one side a little less than the other friends a little more wax on one side and then the other did you.

Teeter-totter back and forth like this you had your own candle making teeter totter by burning both ends at the same time pretty cool device a little demonstration showing masses greater on one side pulls it down masses greater than the other by the melting of the wax and you can make your own candle teeter-totter hope you guys enjoyed.

The demonstration you have it right you.


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