Good afternoon Highlands this is Alex and Michael here with your afternoon announcements after-school detention today we’ll be in mrs. Meadows room number 205 this week’s calendar clue category is science the answer is the hundredth monkey effect defined as a phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea spreads rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all members of.

The species once a critical number has been reached what a mouthful the suitor winner was Spencer man yet of course and there was.
No faculty winner this Monday the canned food.

Drive begins Marissa has more hey boo birds it’s November once again and with November comes our annual canned food drive we caught up with miss Carter to get more details so this year’s goal is 9 thousand cans last year with cash and canned donations we raised eight thousand eight cans and so we’re looking to add on a thousand to.

That this year so you can either bring in canned goods or you can wring in money and for every.

Dollar you bring in it’s two cans and so your fourth year teacher will collect either the canned food donations or the monetary donations we like to strictly be within homerooms and no sharing homerooms even if it’s smaller classes although you’re winning at Chipotle.

Lunch always keep in mind that this is for the greater good and so even if you don’t lose or even if you don’t win there are families out there who are strongly gonna benefit from your monetary and canned food so think of that as also winning the winning homeroom class will get a catered Chipotle.

Lunch while all donations are split between the Hosea house and the Brighton Center to help with the food pantries for the holiday season.

November 12th through the 16th the.

Competition begins go out there and donate those cans Bluebirds be sure to turn in as many cans as you can to win the competition I will say the news.

And broadcast in class has a bit of a bone to pick but we’ll all play fair this year over to you Michael thanks Alex happy birthday to the following blue birds Sophie Kroger Jasmine brown Jasmine ray Berger Aidan chair fatiah.

Seaver ding and Tyler Boone attention all students the class of 2019 will defend their title in this year’s annual junior senior girls powder puff football game next week the game will be Monday evening November 12th at 7 o’clock p. under the lights and David C so Memorial Stadium all tickets are $5 because this is a game and this is a fundraiser for the senior class scholarships no activity passes.

Will be accepted let’s share that ozone spirit and cheer on the girls next Monday night so everyone needs to show up and get loud with it being Friday here’s.

Some of Fisher’s fun facts over to you David hello and welcome to Fisher’s fun facts on Friday did you know the brain is the fattest organ and is composed.

Of nearly 60% fat that gives me a headache did you know samuel l.

jackson has a clause inside of his film contract that allows him to play golf while shooting a movie honestly where’s my contract mr.

pop if you made a dollar every second for 2921 years you would.

Have as much money as Bill Gates good thing I make that much money on fun facts this is Ben Fisher’s fun facts on Friday have a lovely.

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