Hello and welcome to grace it is so good to have you here in case you haven’t noticed things are changing outside and that brings with it a lot of opportunities we have a bin out in the foyer that we are collecting clothes for Cove Forge behavioral health center and we had opened it up for men’s clothes and there.

Was an overwhelming amount of that so thank you for all of you that are giving they still have more.
Needs they also need women’s clothing there are women that.

Are coming to this program that also need winter clothes because several of them are coming just with the clothes on.

Their back which is very inadequate for this type of weather this week we also have a great opportunity to reach around the globe through Operation Christmas Child we.

Are a regional collection center and in order to make that happen we need people to be there at the door to register people to make sure that everything goes smoothly so there are sign ups in the foyer we only have two slots left don’t.

Miss out on this opportunity to reach around the globe and show the love of Christ some of these.
Children have never received a Christmas present before in their.

Lives and some of them have never even heard of Jesus Christ not even his name and through this we can accomplish both goals of showing the love of Jesus and then telling them about the love achieves of Jesus don’t miss this.

Opportunity we also have ladies missionary this Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.

all ladies are invited to join in this is.

A great opportunity just to see of various ways that we can impact our community.
To be a blessing to one another next Sunday we’re gonna have a special.

Offering for Micah Larimore and Jane lairmore as they are moving out the expenses are going to be rather steep so we need to see what we can do as a church to come up with the funds to make it possible.

Because the good news is we have a news pastor the bad news is he’s got to move all the way from California so we need your help in that regard next Sunday we have a special offering I would encourage you not to take this from tithe that’s this would be above and beyond your normal weekly giving if you’ve never given before now would be a good time.

To start because this is a pressing need but on top of that there is another pressing need in the ministry that we have partnered with with the wood rings down in the Dominican Republic.

Dan has partnered with Johnny Castillo who is a national he is from the Dominican Republic and he is trained in medicine here in the.

United States he is using that as a mission field in the Dominican which has opened many doors for Dan’s ministry as well through Quentin Asik ministries well in order for Johnny to become a quite enough missionary he needs to be.

A member and a church here in the United States which he has a church partnering to but he has to fly his family in and he does not necessarily have the funds to make that happen so this again is where we need you what if you’re giving could change someone’s life for eternity well it can what if you’re giving could.

Make it so somebody had good medical treatment well it can what if you’re giving made it so.

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