Good morning while cats are welcome to another beautiful day at Spring Hill Elementary School in downtown Jeffersonville Indiana I am Danny and missus Palin with the morning announcements whatever please stand in join us birth history flag I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under.
God lutein justice bro you will have a.

Movement assignments thank you please remain standing and join us and sing let’s bring this kind of lunch.

I pledged you to myself on this day she tried to be kind in every way to every person big and small I help them if they fall when I love myself an industry that is the best that I can do today this guy’s away sprinkle the scattered showers with the.

Degrees Wow who’s hungry the chef is pretty you will prepare for us number one meatball sub melt number two popcorn chicken with breadsticks number three and ranch chicken wrap and number four PB&J and tomorrow’s breakfast will be strawberry and banana yogurt with graham with graham crackers and hundred percent purchase going up at eat are you ready for the joke of the day sure.

Dad is most musically part of the ticket I.

Do not know the judge takes now for what’s happening at Spring Hill today now for reading counts weekly report this is a period from October 29th to October.

To November 2nd students who are in the most points at each grade our first good grade winner Jaden Hinkle second-grade leader.

Brandon Rubio third grade leader Corbin Bush fourth grade leader David Cervantes fifth grade leader really cameras here’s Malik Harris and the causes who are the most points during this period work copier and possibly door.
Jenkins class with 43 points intermediate cuspidor mrs.
Carter’s class with 193 points good job this this is the reading counts year today report students are who are.

The most points since the beginning of the year were first grade we turn Jaden Hinkle second grade leader Brandon Rubio third grade leader.

Corbin Bush fourth grade waiter.

Fifth grade leader would see Rubio and the classes to earn the most points since the beginning of the year were primary class leader mrs. warrens class with one thousand and thirty three hundred and four points intermediate class leader mrs.

Riley’s and miss Marshalls class two hundred two thousand one hundred.

And fifty five points keep up the great reading and there’s a new member to the 400 Point club Brandon Rubio second grade yeah good job homework club after school girls basketball game here at 4:45 comeback and Chiara girls.

On this is they won’t end Danny was he will get me.

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