Canha thank you guys all for making the trip along including some housekeeping items go over the vet schedule in the format things of that nature if anybody has questions we’ll open the floor as well but before you get started I want you guys to be Abraham if you have not met him already McKenna and he’d really helped me.

Bring this event to life here and he is here for you guys with anything that you need if you need translation if you need this town if you need information whatever might be all right.

So championship individual representatives defending champion so I want to make some noise for those guys on representing trial ground one and two before getting to the main event and if you notice there are heat.

Seed schedules all the details are posted below on the window on the lip comparator allows this competitor allows we’ll be here all weekend if I’m not mistaken again gonna be shade installing here later and we’ll set it up a little bit more homey for.

You guys to enjoy but once again please keep all your equipment up here all your personal belongings this is VIP area for you guys so please take advantage of it leave.

The chairs the tables open see these you can reserve for the guests people who are doing foods and things of that nature your stuff will be up here today ok moving along I want you to issue to some.
People that you probably already know myself you’re.

Better coordinator I’m also a judge our head judge.

Dealing with the sickness right now I might have gotten some food poisoning from the trip from the airport Church so we’ll see how that goes might be being over here Mario I.
Think I get speaker in terms.

Of the judging and the scale and things of that nature but if you had more direct questions feel free to press myself or Rob okay here we take facet consistency purposes and we’re going to keep it that way next to him in the middle the Zeta.

Zeta is my wife again you can find Abraham you can try to get ahold of Danny or.

Myself but let’s go through those routes first before going directly to the judges of the announcer there’s so you.

Keep everything in smooth running also the stack app we’ve been working with stacked app which is a new program that for event managers and also helps with the live storage situation so if you are able to download the fact that we’re going to try and use that.

As much as possible there may be some kinks and things you need to work out but you should be able to follow the event and the scores and live time through the app so you can see what.

People are doing we’re also Wi-Fi for more strength just trying to support it everybody with the scam that doesn’t scale once you can we will have three judges taking an average score if you have any.

Questions in regards to that let me know of course the falters are subject to the discretion.

Determines where you end up on.

That 1 to 10 scale we have the minor the major and of course the wipeout one second and they’ll come back this is about judging the scale so the minor falter is something like a handshake with but check the major culture is coming one foot off or dragging your bug laying on your back both things of that.

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