Nature and then a wipeout is coming completely disconnected from your board or the board wiping.

Out to the top of the side so when we say completely disconnected the.

Board’s you go for a trick in folks away three feet and go grab them bring back as.

Many pounds of white powder doesn’t necessarily need to leave the wave a week both make sense for people Thanks so with the falters as I mentioned its judges discretion of those categories thing from the body board stop if you’re doing tricks and you’re rotating we don’t want to see you get stuck sideways or backwards we want to see you completing the rotation so does the momentum aspect of all the sausage make sense to people that’s how.

Much should be deducted and how much momentum is in regards to the event format and schedule again that’s posted right below next to the stairs on the way up I did mention that the trials is only for the men’s longboard everybody else body board and women’s already seated and set up the trials for men’s flow board is that unique for me.

This is something we’ve done only this event so this will be our first time with it having world-class riders and a lot of.

People that are very similar in skill set it’s helpful to try things of that nature also being professional if you guys are you.

Know in tune and listening and we these meetings say.

You know what’s going on to explain the.

Trials format for men’s on the board down there for those of you who are not qualified to the regional flow tours there’s two rounds of those heat and just so you’re clear those Peaks you’re not advancing directly out of those heats.

Top to do not advance we’re taking the top eight from that entire list of trials and the way that trials is going to work is there will be two rounds there’s four heats heat one will go first just like a normal heat you’ll get two runs so you’ll go next person will go and so on back.

To the top of the order p1 they go for their second run after your second run you have a break it goes to heat two.

Then you go to through the same thing after we complete four heats and Sudan Beach we go back up to heat one for round two and you do the same thing so you guys will have a total of four runs we’re going to take the top two sports on.

The floor right so the two runs can both come from round number one they can both come from round number two or one from each other.

Does that make sense everybody measure borders okay so you know overall you’re getting four runs top two of the four will count no matter what rounds and then top eight from the entire list will transfer division makes sense.

Awesome so in the main division for men’s trials we have eight spots advancing into that division round one will be the golden.

Ticket round if you win your Heat gold and take it around you will skip to round 3 for men’s club or if you lose the first heat second through fourth it.

Will drop down the last chance qualifier or top two will move on from.

There and if you lose your life.

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