Hey I’m Dan and thanks so much for joining us whether you’re at our Good Hope Road campus or Gettysburg Pike campus we’re just really excited to spend the morning with you if you’re new to daybreak stop out at the hub and meet us we’d love to say hi and tell you more about our church family join us for.

Our full night of worship we’ll have child care available for kids birth through third grade so we’re hoping everyone can make it out that night this is one of my favorite nights of the year and I’m excited for both of.

Our campuses to be together in worship I know our teams are looking forward to being with all of you guys for a night of inspiration if you’re a young adult in the beginning stages of.

Establishing good financial practices come to a workshop just for you coaches.

To help you set plans for budgeting paying down debts and investing but God calls us to be good stewards of.
Our financial resources and.

A day where you want to come alongside you on the journey to financial health seventh-inning stretch is one of.

My favorite things that we do here at daybreak our Friday fun nights are such an awesome experience for everyone involved to learn more about the upcoming Friday fun night or to sign up to serve head to our website even if you’re not able to join us for the evening we’d still love for you to donate a gift card for a local restaurant so we can give parents a chance.

For a night out on us just drop those gift cards off at the kid men desk at either campus thanks so much for helping us.

Love and serve kids with special needs at daybreak Christmas will be here before.
We know it and we’re already planning to.

Make it a meaningful experience for each of you as well as our guests from a free family photo shoot to cookies and refreshments after each service we are rolling out the red carpet to ensure that every person who visits daybreak on Christmas Eve wants to come back before then though we need your help to get our campuses ready for this season each year our finishing touch ministry does a phenomenal job decorating our buildings.
For Christmas and they invite.

The entire church family to join them to help them plan for you sign up online or by writing decorating on your response card here at daybreak.

We are so thankful for your generosity your financial gifts fuel the work that God is doing in our church family in our.

Community so if you call daybreak home head over to give DB Church or.

Grab an offering envelope and place those in the boxes as you leave with your response cards thanks so much for engaging with God in our church family this morning for more details about what’s happening.

Around daybreak check out the scoop and connect with us online throughout the week have a great rest of your Sunday.

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