Hey guys this is TJ Earl the student pastor here at Berea and Bible Church and I’m so glad that you’re here and if you’re here for the first time you’re our honored guest and we love for you just to tear out that piece of paper in your bulletin to give us a little information about you and we’d love.

To give you some information about.

Us and after the service Pastor Brian would love to meet you and get to know you and then we’d like to give you a gift just to place in your hand and say.

Hey thanks for coming immersing them with us this morning we’re so happy that you all are here a few schedule changes I want to tell you about the week of Thanksgiving on the 20th that Tuesday no women’s Bible study on.

The 21st there’s no Wednesday night activities whatsoever Bible study youth children none of that on the 21st no meal and then on the 25th there’ll be no Sunday school that Sunday and they’ll be children’s ministry for four years.

And below but five years and up will be in the service with us so that’s just a few schedule changes for you to put in front of you as we come into our Thanksgiving week a few announcements we’re collecting book coats with Richard Susanna Smith you can see them out in the lobby.

And they’re collecting those to give to our homeless population via.

Blessing to our homeless population here in Knoxville and that’s such a great thing for us to do so if you have some extra coats or you want to go buy some new coats and blankets.

And you can bring those and take those to Richmond Suzanna out in the lobby and we only have a week left to participate in the Operation Christmas Child so go pick.

Up a box you and your family participate in that nine dollars.

In that box to the fill it with goodies and to spread the gospel around the globe what an awesome opportunity we have to participate in that we’re getting close to Christmas and on December 6 I can’t.

Wait except I’m not invited the cookie swap for women from middle school age and up at Chinon Valley Farms December 6th at 7 p.

and you can take those cookies there you got 3 dozen cookies to.

Make one for everyone to eat there but then two for people to go.

Home with I think we should add a fourth for all the passengers to get that’s just my opinion we’ll see what happens as it is getting close to Christmas we love to decorate this place and fill it with the Christmas spirit on November 30th at 4 o’clock we need you to help us get this place looking not.

Like the gritch lives here but like myself who left Christmas lives here throwing red and green everywhere Christmas trees and all that we need your help no xxx at four o’clock and then what goes up must come down January fourth we’ll need help tearing that down.

And sad as it is to think about tearing that stuff down already it will come and so Laurie would love to have you volunteer and help us so you can contact her to help us set up for Christmas and tear it down also this Christmas season we’re going through an Advent book together as families and what a great opportunity this is to go through oh come let us adore him by.

Paul David Tripp and just look at the magnificence of Christmas and not to get too overly familiar with it but what.

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