A miracle that story is to talk about coming King as he came as a baby and so you get to go.

Book every day of December with your family come see me in the lobby I’ll get an order for you and we’ll order there $10 a piece to get that book and go through with your family this Christmas here I promise you you won’t regret it at such a great book it’s such a great.

For our families to go through that together a few student ministry announcements we got a parent meeting on December 2nd so it’d just be 15 minutes after church in the sanctuary just a quick parent meeting to talk about next semester and a few other things that are coming up so that’s on December 2nd and we are having a winter retreat this year February 22nd to the 24th that weekend if $90 it’s at Longview Ranch that includes your food your cabin everything so I.

Can’t wait it’s gonna be such an awesome opportunity for us as a student ministry that’s February 22nd through the 24th winter recharge $90 come see me to sign up for that after service today so that’s all the announcements I got let’s stand up and let’s worship.

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