Hey guys welcome to bar Z my name’s Stan and today we just got a few announcements and what we’re gonna announce today mainly is an upcoming event in lyndale Texas which is just it’s just east of Dallas Dallas Fort Worth area when Dale is just if you look on the map with a Tyler Texas win Dale’s right next.
To it there’s an event November 17th with Justin over good.

Remind you to get your tickets if you’re in the area get down there there’s gonna be a lot going on a bunch of youtubers are going all the guys in the middle working community it’s gonna be quite a few of them there I know Keith Rutgers gonna be there and all a bomb is gonna be there I know hey Randy Richards gonna roll by there might.

Be some others too I think James Cole Roy was coming over so if you ever wanted to meet any of those guys get over this event there’s gonna be a lot going on it’s not just metalworking that’s done to do link below to get tickets and maybe a.

Little more info while I’m over there I am gonna be there as well but while I’m over there if you if you walk up to me and say hey Stan how’s it going i watch your channel.

I’ll be able to give you a call freezes over sticker if you’re a sticker collector so i’ve got when hell freezes over i’ve got limited edition fo g stickers everyone knows what an FN g is but there’s an F og and then we’ve got the classic bar Z sticker so I’ll have all three of.
These on me if you want to get your hands on one just walk up.

To me and say hey man I watched channel and give me a sticker okay so that’s that that’s one of my announcements the other thing is we did a campaign and this is an ongoing campaign for Just Shock regular shop shirts I did them in black and dark colors I’m wearing one right now on the front it’s got the fo G with the barbie logo on the back it’s got popcorn Sutton and the saying.

Is youth and exuberance can always be overcome by old age and treachery so don’t mess with the F oh geez you want to get your hands on fo G shirt link below to the store and go check them out but and thanks to Jim Cheryl it.

Changed Cheryl designs he’s the one that put together that artwork for me for this shirt so pretty awesome all right so that’s that we got one more announcement and I was actually pretty excited about this I’ve always had a hard time getting my hands on Radio.

You grinders out there maybe you want to try the radio grand or maybe you know if someone suggested it but I think they’re second to none and I really like the vos line which is a very open structure these are the radiators here these are some specials I ordered that’s a type 13 plate wheel and I’ve got a.

Few of them here these have a very long lead time but they were still able to get them for me but they’ve got some stock items on the shelf and ready to go if you check out all industrial link below to all.

Industrials website but they’ve got rady axe sitting right there ready to go on the website and I was really excited to see some of the grits and grades that I used and getting through the grits and grades is tough but he has selected the most popular ones right.

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