There on the website so a lot of them are the Ruby blends aluminum Oxford me blend very cool running very open structure if you look at it under a microscope it looks like a sponge great wheels so real excited to get these and really excited that all industrials got them up on their website now so go check them out all right.

Guys oh one last thing so we’ve got we’ve got the first eight ovens the hotshot 360 out the doors said and done there’s one more here belongs to Robert Jordans and oxen on the shelf ready.

For him he’s actually will calling it so we’ve got one more sitting here but everything’s been shipped everything’s been landed at the recipients and from the feedback I’ve gotten so far everyone’s happy with the packaging I have selected so if you’re a hotshot owner let me know what you think.

Of the the pack job and how your oven arrived I don’t think we had any damage on the first aid the next run is going to be 24 everyone that’s signed up thank you if you’ve got an.

Invoice and a serial number assigned to you already you’re all set you’re on the.

List you’ve got your invoice and you’re ready to go if you didn’t if you if you signed up and you didn’t get an invoice you responded too late and you missed the boat I’m sorry you’ll have to go in on the next run alright but if you didn’t get a invoice back you didn’t make make this list but we are building 20 ovens and in this list there are such.
Prestigious names as Miss Emma risen mr.

There’s some royalty in there too with this room alright I think that’s about it I want you guys to have a good weekend I’m gonna air this either late Friday or early Saturday and we’ve we’re gonna have a.

Good time in lyndale we’re flying out next week and we’re gonna kind of hang out.

Just in a day or two before and the day after and just have a good time if you can.

Make it in any way try to get out there alright guys thanks for watching and thanks for playing catch up with me you.

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